Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I like making up stupid words, but it drives HWWLLB nuts sometimes. Especially when I say that (for example, with reference to cats) something is "cat-tastic," "cat-tabulous," or "cat-alicious." So in honor of the fact that HWWLLB is probably not listening, I pronounce this week to be pin-tastic.

Y'all saw all the pins I made over the weekend for Mother's Day (and future feminine events which may require gifts). Monday, this gorgeous Flower Girl pin came in the mail - I ordered it from Camille Marie. Click on the picture to see it in more detail - her fine crochet work is amazing! I can't believe she only charges $6 for these things - this pin is sooooo nice and the picture doesn't do it justice. She even sent me a little bonus pin - I think it's made from a bit of vintage scarf.

I also ordered a star pin made from broken mirror pieces from Anezka handmade, but it hasn't arrived yet. I am going to be so accessorized this season. Maybe even a little over-accessorized.

The sad part of today was saying goodbye to Bilious, my first sock monster. He graciously stepped in when Fluffy got cold feet and decided she wasn't ready to be swapped (I had intended to send her to my swapping pal in the Use What You Have made-stuff swap). Here's Bilious bravely being packed up for his long trip overseas:

Lucky he's got a permanent stiff upper lip.


  1. oh, it's sad to see him going bye-bye in the box! why is that?!

  2. Bye Bilious...we'll miss you! You're a brave monster.

    PS: I love your made up words! Don't listen to HWWLLB about that!


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