Monday, May 15, 2006


Oui oui, Claudette, elle est fini!

I am so excited... this is the first non-scarf garment I've ever made for myself, and I am particularly proud of the fact that I designed it, and it worked, and it fits, and I can't wait to wear it!

This is also a bit of a revolution in my knitting, because as I have mentioned before, I never ever knit myself anything. In my New Year's Resolutions (woe unto so many of them!), I vowed to knit things for myself and wear them once in a while. The baby tiger scarf was a less-than-impressive first attempt. Claudette is the triumphant comeback.

You're waiting for a picture, aren't you? I love you guys. It's coming, I swear.

Back to the verbosity: I struggled and struggled with the neckline. I wanted vintage laciness, and assumed crochet was the way to go. So... I took up crocheting, borrowed books from generous friends, practiced on scrap yarn, and eventually decided crochet was not the answer. The evidence:

big chunky first crochet picot attempt

slightly daintier second crochet picot attempt

f**** crochet! knitted lace rib sample
what does it say about my camera that this yarn is a different color in every picture?

The single crochet hook leaves me feeling like I have giant tiger cub paws for hands, and I fumble like crazy. Give me my two knitting needles any day!

After finishing the little cap sleeves, I was really liking the clean look of the ribbing, so I just used the really simple lace rib from sample #3. And voila! Here she is!

i think i'm going to be wearing this more than just once in a while.

There are some adjustments I need to make to the pattern to smooth out some bumps, but overall I am quite proud of my little design. Perhaps it will be made available via an upcoming Free Pattern Friday, if I can figure out how to offer other sizes without knitting this thing over and over again.

By the way... I love all this saving-money and saving-the-earth resulting from Use What You Have Month II, but my consumerist acculturation is hammering at me. I am really looking forward to June so that I can rush out to buy me some Opal Rainforest sock yarn (thanks ever-so Gray la Gran for tipping me off to this yarn). My debit card is humming in anticipation...


  1. i am more than happy to be an enabler ! i actually justifed the purchase of a 100 gr. ball of trekking the other day ... ball of yarn $14, which will bring more than 14 hours of knitting pleasure ... which is a very good hourly rate, and i'll end up with a great pair of funky socks to wear for a long long time :)

    by the way, i think your crochet samples looked great. maybe crochet was not the answer for claudette, but i don't think you're all paws when it comes to using a hook!

  2. I love it! Now, you must make good on your promise to wear it...though I don't think that will be a problem.

  3. Ooh, you are going to be smokin' in that! Sizzling sidewalks reported in the vicinity of Fawn!

  4. Well worth the wait. Personally, I'm glad that you didn't get it finished in time to enter it in Jay's Craft Challenge. The results may have come in differently and I would not now be comfortable in the knowledge that somewhere, out there, there is a box of knitterly goodness coming my way.

  5. wow...
    you are crocheting!
    you are amazing f.pea!
    are you going to bring it
    to wear in dc?!
    i wanna see..
    wear it to tea
    with me!


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