Tuesday, May 09, 2006

killer bunny

Watch out! Killer Bunny is on the loose.

He looks so innocent sitting there politely on the porch swing. This photo was taken just before he leapt from the swing and went after a neighbor's papillon dog. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the scuffle.

Killer Bunny was made over the weekend from a cute pair of socks my sister passed along to me recently, and the leftovers from Fluffy.

His tail was the pom-pom from a Hello Kitty tennis sock. The socks themselves still remain - I am looking forward to making a demented Hello Kitty monster out of them.

Besides making a sock monster, I spent the weekend doing lots of knitting, partly in honor of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, on which I have no report because I didn't go (sniff, sniff). But - no pity! Because I really did enjoy many quiet hours on the couch with yarn and a cat snoozing nearby, so the weekend was really pretty wonderful.

Claudette is finally approaching the end - I knitted up the front and sewed her together. Now I'm just dragging my feet on the cap sleeves and the neckline - I can't decide on what kind of fancy collar edging to make. I'm starting to think crochet wasn't such a hot idea after all. I am actively seeking inspiration, but so far none has hit.

And I started a little sweater with the awesome bright gold yarn from my SP7 Secret Pal, Becky. I love bulky yarn, and I love knitting from the top down. Already the thing is about 1/3 done. This is another Use What You Have project, and I have everything I need already on hand except for the buttons. Maybe I'll be able to snag them in a swap.

maybe i'll eat your f***ing buttons.


  1. OMG - bunny porn! He's not wearing pants (either that or he is wearing something on his ears as well as his legs!).

  2. Killer Bunny is so cute (but don't tell him I said so, or he may come hunt me down)!

  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your killer bunny!

  4. oh gosh
    bunny butt
    leaves me
    a little
    hot and bothered.

  5. Killer bunny, dude.


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