Thursday, August 31, 2006

art is everywhere!

Some things just tickle me to no end. I am always particularly excited about art projects, or arts/crafts projects, or just art in the everyday. Where does this one fall? You be the judge. I present you with Suzanne's pedicure. Yes, she did it herself, with a little 'white wedding' theme, since she was attending two weddings over the weekend. I love how the toe ring sets off the rhinestones on the big toenail.

A close-up:


I just find this delightful! I'm not much for toe- and fingernail painting myself, since I'm just not much for personal hygiene and this is a level of hygiene to which I cannot even hope to aspire, but maybe that's why I admire it so much. She also does a patriotic theme every Fourth of July where the big toe gets fireworks on blue, and the little toes have red & white stripes. Yes. For reals. I stand in awe.

These are my totally unartful toes, just for the fun of taking foot pictures while we're supposed to be working:

no art here

Well, back to work I guess... I do have some FO to share with you and there's a yarn giveaway coming up, but not before I finish my first TEST for this biostatistics class! EEEEEEEEEK! Prepare the dark chocolate.


  1. I love nail art - but then, I am a licensed nail tech (although I'm not currently working as one). I love toe rings, too.

    A YARN GIVEAWAY?!?!? Yippee!!

  2. Wow, I thought I was all hot stuff because I got a pedicure - I never knew you could get jewels!

  3. i feel all
    crazy and
    when i paint
    my toes
    one solid color...
    can't do themes.
    luck with
    you'll do


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