Thursday, August 31, 2006

fulfillment center

Don't you just love getting packages in the mail? I wonder, if one were to conduct a little study, what people would say is their reason for joining something like Secret Pal or a swap. I think I would have listed Reason #1 as getting packages in the mail. It almost doesn't matter what's in them.

Today I got not one, but TWO packages in the mail! Whoopeee! None were from Secret Pals though, since I'm not currently participating. At first I kind of hoped against hope that one of them might be my long-awaited Made Stuff Swap from Use What You Have Month #1, which was way back in May. Nope, still no swap. But I wasn't disappointed. How could you be disappointed by a package that comes from a place called a "Fulfillment Center"?

One package was yarn.


And the other was new shoes.


You know I was happy with that pairing. Best of all, after opening packages I got to eat a tasty dinner prepared by someone that was not me! And I didn't even have to use my credit card! HWWLLB has become an overnight sensation in the kitchen. He recently decided that he needed to be fixing dinner three nights a week, so now every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I come home to a tasty, extravagant dinner. We've had tomato & cheese tart, cajun shrimp, kale & corn salad, roasted red pepper soup, all kinds of amazing stuff. Tonight we had spanakopita, roasted pepper salad and greek green beans. Also an apple streusel. It was soooooo yummy.

I have to admit that when HWWLLB first came up with this scheme, maybe I was a little bit not as supportive as I could have been. He spent about two weeks (mostly during our vacation) buying, borrowing, and checking out cookbooks from the library. He pored over recipes and copied them into a special journal. He planned meals for every week til Christmas, and made special shopping lists for each week on colored index cards.

The thing is, this level of detailed planning is very much not in HWWLLB's nature. On the Myers-Briggs scale, he's an INTP. The "P" stands for "Plan something for me in advance and I will DIE ON THE SPOT." So you can imagine why I might have been a wee bit skeptical about this project, and maybe I even gave voice to that skepticism when I should have bitten my tongue.

But also, I really love to cook, and I think I actually felt a little threatened by this. I mean, if you want to take some chores off my plate, take cleaning! I F*ing hate to clean!

Folks, if there is a lesson that this experience has driven home, it's don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Also, shut up and enjoy your dinner. Because boy oh boy, have I been enjoying these dinners! Sometimes they aren't ready til after I'd normally go to bed, but all in all I rate them four stars. And you know, while HWWLLB is busy cooking up something scrumptious, tidying up a little doesn't seem so bad.

So that's the low-down from here at the Fulfillment Center. I hope you get an exciting package in the mail soon too!


  1. forget the package, i would just fall over if someone showed up at my door and wanted to cook for me!

  2. Whoa. Serious yum. can you get him to divulge some recipes here? I'm thinking that red pepper soup and the red pepper salad. Maybe also the spanakopita.
    and cute shoes, chica...

  3. First off, to comment on your previous post: girl, even if you aren't so in to the girly stuff, I HIGHLY recommend the pedicure. This, coming from someone who doesn't know the meaning of "accessorize" and who can't tell the difference between a Super Cuts cut and a Salon cut. But those pedicures? We ALL deserve pedicures. Hell, I've got a final pedicure written down as a directive for the funeral home folks...

    Now, as to HWWLLB and his recent forays into the kitchen, didn't you know that food tastes soooo much better when it's shared with friends? Hint hint ;-)

  4. I never look a meal cooked by someone else in the mouth. Although I do usually ask about ingredients. Allergies, ya know. Sounds like you totally lucked out!

  5. i love, love getting packages in the mail. and hand-written letters... ahhh. both make me want to hug the mailman.
    and your dinners sound amazing! nothing to sneeze at, a person who wants to cook for you.
    (i just took the myers-briggs again for the first time in many years... i used to be a strong P and i loved your definition of P :) now i am right on the border, leaning J... i had to rethink my whole understanding of myself! i'm... a planner!)

  6. HI! I stumbled onto your blog while googling pictures of Zennias. A nice stumble for me! The only reason I even check the mail is in hopes of a package. That and for my Netflix. Without Netflix, my bills would just sit in that tin can and rot.


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