Saturday, September 02, 2006

free stuff, courtesy of ernesto

Yes, that is a large tree on my house. Overall, Ernesto was not much of a threat to North Carolina compared with some of the doozy hurricanes we get from time to time. But thanks to the moronic off-balance tree-whacking done by my wackadoodle next-door neighbor last year (yes, that is a clinical diagnosis), one of our most favorite trees wound up sideways on my roof yesterday around 5 AM. The roof is more or less all right, but the tree is not. We are really sad about the state of the backyard at the moment - normally our oasis. Right now it looks like a hurricane came through there... oh, right.

But nothing makes you feel better than giving, so in the spirit of the Great Monday Giveaway (I know, it's not Monday), I present some free stuff. First-come, first-served. Please let me know in the comments what you'd like, and let me know how to get in touch with you about shipping. Domestic shipping is free, but if you live on another continent I will need you to pay for the shipping (sorry Australians). Enjoy!

item #1: 7 balls of cotton blend yarn - taken!


Seven balls of Zitron Evita, a plied DK weight 40% cotton, 40% acrylic, 20% rayon. This is a lovely, very soft lightweight cotton blend yarn wrapped with a strand of shine. 121 yd/110 m (50 g) per skein. Color #10 is a soft sage green.

item #2: 2 balls of snazzy eyelash yarn


Two different balls of great carry-along eyelash yarn. On the left: Knitting Fever Flutter in color #130. White with subtle metallic silver interspersed, 75 yds/70m (20g). 100% polyester. On the right: Berroco Plume FX in color #6743, Caffe Latte. 63 yds/58m (20 g). 100% polyester.

item #3: buttons - taken!


The vintage pink buttons would look wonderful on a coat, a chunky sweater or as purse closures. They're 1.25-inch (34 mm) buttons (there are 4 of them). The leaf green buttons are new, but they would look great on vintage-styled items. They're 3/4-inch (19mm) buttons (there are 6 of them).

I hope you find something you like, and I hope all your trees are upright.


  1. Duuude. Like, can I have the cotton yarn? Puh-lease?

    (And, can I say, I shed a little tear when I saw that picture. That, too, is one of MY favorite trees) Please tell me the big one in my old back yard is fine...PLEASE?!?

  2. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog last week, and I'm a regular (lurker) now. But it took the enticement of neat-o buttons to get me to comment. If they are still available, I have just the knitting project for them! And I can completely commiserate about the tree, we had some killer storms come through in July and we lost THREE in front of our house. The block just doesn't look the same! I can be reached at mkpiry AT yahoo DOT com

  3. DARN IT! i am always too late for the give aways!


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