Sunday, September 10, 2006


Best. Birth control. Weekend. EVER!

I can't begin to count how many curtain-climbers between the ages of 0 and 6 I interacted with this weekend. Suffice it to say, any involuntary baby-pangs being suffered by HWWLLB or myself recently have evaporated and been replaced with the very strong need for beer, immediately.

Pictured above you see a shot from the birthday party of miss Jay, who turned four this week (she is the un?lucky recipient of the colorbox sweater). Her parents claim to have liked it - I think it's rather too loud, myself, but she's a kid who looks good in bright colors, so it will probably get some wear this winter. The infants aren't in this picture, but besides miss Jay's 10 week-old sister the party also contained a set of 11 week-old TWINS. I pray for their parents. This party came complete with a kids' race, a moonbounce, and a Barbie cake, which was the highlight of the party for me. It was strangely fascinating.

barbie cake 9
help! eeeek! masher!

Cute idea, but totally macabre in the execution. The best part, once we recovered from the slicing off of the dress, was later when miss Jay and I got to try all the different outfits on her. Barbie really needs to learn to wear colors other than pink - because if not for the color, I would have worn just about everything in that baggie of fashion (except the shoes - Barbie seems to wear hooker heels exclusively). You should have seen the long tweed coat with the fake-fur collar - to DIE for, really.

So as if the birthday party wasn't enough, today I had to work at my organization's booth at La Fiesta del Pueblo, and our booth just happened to be located in Niñolandia (we do a lot of work on children's health issues). I have no idea how many ladybug temporary tattoos I applied to grubby little hands today, but it was right many. Did I mention Remi the clown? Yeah, he was right next to us. Remi is the real deal, as Puerto Rican musical clowns go - he had those kids revved up to 100 RPM. But being located right next to the inferno of entertainment that is dozens of psychotic toddlers screaming along to songs about eating vegetables and good behavior... it was a little much. Just a wee bit.

So I'll be recovering chastely from the weekend over the next few days. In fact, you may not hear much from me this week - it's a busy week and I'm behind on hideous biostatistics homework - but I'm hoping to get the top-down transformation of the baby bolero done in time to post for Free Pattern Friday this week. Keep your fingers crossed, and have a great week. Unless you're Barbie, in which case, girl, you need to get you some flat shoes. Seriously.


  1. Didn't you have a Barbie Birthday cake when you were growing up? Please tell me you didn't miss out on that adventure?! Mine? She had a pretty YELLOW dress...

    And, that Remi? As if clowns didn't scare me enough!

  2. What? All those events didn't make you want to pop out a dozen little one of your own? What's wrong with you? Can't you see all those little faces around your house lovingly tearing up your things? ha ha ha!

    Barbie definitely is a fashionable girl but her permanently arched feet were never meant to wear flat shoes. Unlucky girl.

  3. I love the first line of this post.
    hee hee...

  4. Kid parties are not for the faint of heart. I have the same need as you (beer) after a party for one of mine.


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