Friday, September 29, 2006

color change

Fall is my favorite season. I love walking to work on crisp mornings and stopping to marvel over beautiful leaves like these. Color! Bright, earthy fall colors are the best ones, to me.

The snap in the air gets me itching to knit, too. The other day I stopped in at the LYS and the Haphazard Knitter nefariously pointed me to their new stock of Lorna's Laces... just what I needed. A big seductive pile of hand-dyed yarn. But so beautiful! Look at this colorway in the Shepherd sock yarn that I somehow couldn't stop myself from buying (this yarn has magical powers to make debit cards begin vibrating and leap from unsuspecting pockets):

just like the leaves i keep stopping to pick up

Then those wicked women at kpixie sent out their little email teaser yesterday. Brushed Suri! Oh bliss! Oh yum! I know I said I was only going to knit socks as Xmas presents, but wouldn't you swoon for a floaty scarf made from Brushed Suri? My mom would, I am sure of it. And a scarf is even faster than a pair of socks, right? That's why two skeins of this yarn are now on their way to my mailbox. Because I am so practical. And because of the possessed vibrating debit card.

Over the weekend, while I was chugging away on evil statistics homework, my mailbox was brightened by the arrival of this:


A package from Ms. Piry! She sent me the happy dishcloths and the woooonderful green vintage buttons in thanks for the buttons I sent her a few weeks back. What a delightful package, and I can't wait to use these buttons on something I knit for myself.

The good news is, it's not all-statistics-all-the-time at my house anymore. I have been spending a little time on the couch (and in the car) with the needles, and a quick pair of winter socks is almost done. I'll leave you with the progress pic and good wishes for crisp fall mornings and bright new colors.



  1. That is a happy potholder! I need to knit myself some potholders ASAP. Mick, my former roommate, claims I said he could keep the potholders I knit...hmmmm....

  2. Is that what it was? A vibrating debit card. I have to find a way to turn it off. I got some Shepard Sock the other day. It was so hard to resist. Your colorway is so nice. You'll have to let me fondle the Brushed Suri when you get it.

  3. The colors on those socks are almost as decadent as the colors on the fall leaves. Surely, you will have very happy toes.


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