Monday, February 05, 2007

fresh out of the oven

So... notice anything different?

Yes, I got a haircut. And also, how do you like this new banner thingy across the top of the page? I am so into it.

Actually, I designed it about 6 months ago but couldn't figure out how to get it up there. But Amisha kindly pointed me to these simple-yet-genius directions from Brenda, and suddenly months of hitting my head against the wall seemed so... stupid. Because there is always somebody out there who knows how to do what you want to do, it's just a matter of finding them.

Someone told me this on Saturday about the region we live in here in NC, called the Triangle. We have everything here, he said, you just have to find someone who knows where it is. So the Triangle is a lot like html that way, I guess.

Thank you Amisha!


  1. i lovelove
    new banner!

  2. The new banner is nice. I like it.

  3. you're very welcome :) i love the new banner! those flowers and the colors... gorgeous.

  4. i have been wanting to do a banner too. I just have no clue where to start.

    Yours is fantastic! (and love the haircut too!)


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