Thursday, February 01, 2007

snow day

It snowed! It snowed!

When it snows here in North Carolina, generally we are in for a panic. This time The Powers That Be were wise and had announced the night before that school would be cancelled today, heading off some of the typical southern craziness that might otherwise ensue.

I worked from home today, which is so amazingly productive compared with being at the office, that sometimes I wonder why I ever go to the office at all. Even with the distraction of snow, I got quite a lot done.


By afternoon the snow had turned to rain, and everything became cold slush. Our microcosm veered from beautiful to sludgy in a matter of minutes.

In the evening we stopped in at a local brewpub, for a neighborhood get-together, and I was deee-lighted to find that the brewery had put a limited-edition, cask-conditioned version of their IPA on special. It sold out in a matter of minutes. It was divine. It was the essence of beer. All those steel-tinged, fizzy, funky-aftertaste side-effects that we have come to expect with our libations were absent, leaving behind only malty, crisp brewing art. It was heavenly.

The gathering there had been called via our neighborhood listserv, and happy-hour get-togethers are now planned for the first Thursday of every month. HWWLLB and I were really pleased to meet some of the extremely cool people who live in our new neighborhood. I hope the brewery does some more cask conditioning for our future neighborhood happy hours!

Now HWWLLB is fixing dinner and I am waiting for my turn at the stove so that I can bake some chocolate chip cookies. Winter is so delightful! I wish it would snow every day. (Until spring, I mean).



  1. wow
    cool neighbors...
    i am jealous!!!

  2. beeeutiful pictures! I love the one with the grass. as a southerner (SoCal) living in the Midwest, I still get all excited when it snows. glad to hear your trip to SF was great, i used to live in Berkeley....miss it! got lotsa knitting done... awesome!

  3. i love your pics too! They were calling for snow in the VA area, and I was excited and took my computer home so I could work from home. I am like you, I get more done at home than work.

    But, all we got is rain. So here i am, at work, procrastinating.

  4. what a perfect snow day! beautiful pictures.
    i love to work at home... wish i could do it every day, but have to wait for a hurricane scare to enjoy my study and cozy chair instead of my bleak, windowless, freezing office.

  5. The first snows are always so magical. After 5 months of cold whiteness here in's getting a little old. (Although the skiing is GREAT.)


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