Friday, February 09, 2007


For those of you who live in North Carolina, I know I will be seeing you tomorrow at the Vagina Monologues show in Raleigh. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, the late show at Kings is SOLD OUT because this show is not to be missed, but there are still seats for the matinee at the Rialto, so go get yours while they last!

So everyone has been to see the Vagina Monologues, right? (If not, it's an incredibly powerful play by Eve Ensler that uses personal monologues from all kinds of women to de-dirtify the vagina's image and get into the love, anger, joy, abuse, courage, shame and transformation that we live as women). The play is usually performed on or around Valentine's Day, so there are performances happening all over the country right now (find one near you!). A group of Raleigh women are performing it tomorrow as a benefit for Planned Parenthood - this is their second year performing the show and they are fabulous.

Apparently some Floridians will be performing the show this weekend too, but the publicity has been a little harder for them. Yesterday's most-watched video on CNN was a news story about the theater in Florida where the show is being performed. The theater had to take the word "vagina" off their marquee because of local complaints. Their solution? The "Hooha Monologues."

How very mature.

They had heard from people who were offended after driving by and had to explain to their little daughters what a vagina is. Personally, I'd consider that a public service.

Raleigh Vagina Monologues 2007


  1. I'm surprised they didn't call it "The down there Monologues"!!

  2. No doubt, about the public serivce! That's funny because that is sorta the whole point of the play, owning up to that word...I got to see it a few years ago when I lived in Chicago, it was AWESOME!! Have fun!

  3. i wish i could go, ... though i'm working tomorrow ... and i can't fully embrace the public publication of vagina.
    i think, i would enjoy the show, though ....
    holy crap! am i THAT modest?!

  4. i love the vagina monologues... have a great time tonight! oh, and i am cringing so much about my state. just the latest in a week of florida gender travesties (the rape case, now this). sigh.

  5. I have to say that I am not terribly surprised by some peoples fear of the word. My girls have vaginas and have always known the word for what they were called. It's a body part for heavens sake! You know..This is your knee, this is your chin, this is your nose, this is your vagina. Words are power, and I've given all my kids the power of knowing what the parts of their bodies are called.

    And I've seen the play and read the book and seen the movie. Love it.

  6. Ugh... my state is horrible sometimes! I can't believe that! God forbid we have to educate our daughters about their bodies.

  7. How did you like the play. I have always wanted to see it. I think it is weird they could use the word vagina on the marque. But I guess there has t be a line - as I told my 16 year old son that likes to use the word "f*#@" and recently got kicked out of class because of it. It is not just a word - yes it is a good word - no it is not a bad word but it is a powerful adjective that not everyone likes to hear.

    I do not know why I am reading your Feb entries but I just came on your blog.

    Blessings Emm
    PS love the patterns for the little jacket.


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