Friday, August 03, 2007

admiring portraits

august pumpkin

We have a ripe pumpkin from the garden. It's August. Is Thanksgiving coming early this year? Should I be concerned?

Lately I've noticed some of my friends and neighbors making amazing portraits. I particularly love self-portraits, but there's also that special genre of portraits taken by the beloved. They are the admiring portraits.

The two that made my heart go pitterpat this week:

a portrait of my next-door-neighbor, indiaromeo.

shari's portrait of her beloved T and his beloved homebrew.

This is a short post today... I'm going to be absent for a few days as I work on a final exam in my hideous evil epidemiology class. It's due Monday night... see you on the flip side.


  1. good luck on the epi exam... i know you will rock it!

  2. What a cute widdle iddy bitty punkin.
    Good luck on the exam. Maybe you could bring a pumpkin for good luck?

  3. Good luck on your final!

  4. well happy bday to you too, Ms. Pea!! I am 38 now, and wish I could fix into hs jeans! two kids makes the butt big!!! thanks for the rocking props too, you rock! good luck with school, get good grades and make us proud...

  5. oh! hope you did well on your exam. thanks for your kind words about my photo of t. xox


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