Friday, August 24, 2007

new things to share

There is this amazing cosmic balance. At work, just as I am really beginning to believe that things have lightened for a while, a side project suddenly makes everything so weighty and emotional. If this lesson hasn't smacked me on the nose enough times yet this year, here it is again: treasure every moment on earth. We're here to be loving and kind, and everything we do, and everyone we touch, are what make us who we are. It's a lesson I'm grateful for, even though I wanted to stay in the lightness a bit longer. Hm, I think there's a Kundera book on this subject...

Anyway... new things to tell. First, a new blog. Another one! Crikey. But this will be different: the class I'm taking this semester requires us to keep a journal with responses to our weekly readings. I love reading journals - my most favorite professors always assigned them in college. Anyhow, this professor suggested we use a blog as our journaling tool. Mine's called Reading is good medicine, in case you should care to stop by and weigh in on the making of modern health care, or whatever else pops up, as I doubt I'll be able to stick to just one kind of reading-response.

I think it's rather telling that while I have yet to read even one page of the assigned book, I have spent several hours on the layout and design of the assigned blog. But most of you probably don't find that very surprising, because I know you do the same thing (right?).

Finally, I must share this beautiful little thing with you:

fawn necklace
from happy owl glassworks

A prize from Bugheart! She is the most incredibly lavishly generous friend. I am always surprised and a bit sheepish opening her beautiful packages. This one was an unexpected thrill in the mail yesterday - I haven't stopped wearing it yet (except to take the photo).

The part that really made me smile, though, was the tag:

witzig tag

I recently said that her wonderful little gift tags kill the suspense... so this tag did no such thing. I really love all her gift tags with their sweet drawings (even the highly informative ones), but this one made me laugh and laugh. That monster is so damn cute, too.

Thank you, dear Bugheart!

See you all at school! It seems wrong for summer to be "over" when it's still 100 degrees outside, but I'm not complaining.


  1. And we are still waiting for summer to arrive in the PNW! I shouldn't have blinked. I think I missed it.

  2. Wow what a sweet necklace. That tag made me laugh too. ;)

  3. When I read about classes my friends are taking, it really does make me want to go back to school. just for the fun of it. I am going to go peek in your new blog once in a while to keep my self edumacated :)

  4. I remember the post where you had a grizzle about her ruining the surprise :]
    Love that tag - the girl is a genius.

  5. i am very excited for your new blog! and bugheart's package is amazing... she is so, so good. that tag is fantastic.


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