Wednesday, August 01, 2007

spoiled rotten

Sorry it's been so quiet around these parts lately. I have an explanation, but it's long-winded and boring... but I have missed you. I have been peeking in on all your blogs and crafty projects and wishing I had more time - always wanting more time to make, and talk with everyone about making.

Part of what I was doing while I wasn't blogging was having my 32nd birthday. Wheee! I am 32, and I've had the same haircut, job, cat, and pair of black birkenstocks since I left grad school... that was about 6 years ago. I've been wearing the same pair of jeans and black Gap T-shirt since high school... let's not talk about how long ago that was.

I am a far more committed and radical left-winger since I was 18. I remember back then, older people telling me that I was young and idealistic, and that I'd get more conservative as I got older. What baloney. I get more informed, more crafty, and more political every year.

The best things that have happened to me in the last decade... meeting and falling in love with HWWLLB, who I still can't believe is willing to put up with me... leaving grad school for my current job... and learning to knit. I have Bugheart to thank for that last one. She forced me to learn to knit so that she'd have a stitch & bitch buddy. She is the most loyal (and long-suffering) friend that anyone could have. Last weekend she took the bus down from DC so that we could go hiking in the mountains. I'll spare you the gory stories of all the various delayed and grueling forms of transportation that she endured to get here and back, or at least save them for another day.

What I want to show you are the amazing prizes that she made me. She is the queen mama felter.

bugheart toolkit
a zippered pouch for my knitting tools

nesting bowls

unstacked bowls
nesting bowls

...and no prize from Bugheart comes without her adorable tags:

bugheart tags
they kind of kill the suspense when you're opening the package, but they're worth it.

So you see why I might be feeling spoiled rotten. She also gave me some Tofutsies sock yarn, in the perfect color. (So perfect I had just bought it myself two weeks before - she is psychic. This way I can make knee-hi's). It was so great to see her, and so incredibly nice of her to come all the way down here for a weekend visit.

So in a tiny and vastly inadequate gesture of appreciation, I am hereby naming Bugheart a...

rockin' girl blogger

Thanks Macoco for tagging me! It's fun to rock.

Some other rocking girl bloggers that y'all should know, if you don't already:

Stacie at Mommy Mosh Pit, who is cooking super-local this summer.
Susanna at G.Love and Her Special Sauce, who also likes to go on long and grueling road trips.
Amisha, whose eyes I love to look through on Heavenly Days, and
Martha Snail at the Glass Doorknob, whose world is magical... and just down the road.

I wish big hugs, a visit from a dear friend, and hours of uninterrupted making for all of you!

(That means you, too)


  1. Trust me - you don't have to get less radical when you get older! Quite the opposite. Quite!

  2. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing your prizes with us, those nesting bowls are wonderful and the little pouch magical.

  3. Wow, what spectacular b-day gifts! Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like it was fantastic. Those felted gifts are very beautiful. I love the greens in the zippered pouch.

  5. happy happy birthday my friend!! love your decade in review. i feel the same way... i remember people telling me that i would "grow out" of my politics and i get more and more lefty every year. and i like it :)
    those gifts from bugheart are fantastic! she is a felting inspiration.
    and thank you for nominating me as a rockin girl blogger! **blush**

  6. glad to hear you had such fun on your birthday weekend. did you stay somewhere cool? t and i are looking for a cabin. love your prizes from bugheart. she's the best. thank you so very much for the rocking girl blogger nomination. it was such a nice surprise and means so much! we must get together soon. xox

  7. you are
    suffering for.
    i was raised
    so you know
    i love to

  8. I am so late in wishing you a wonderful happy belated birthday. Nevertheless...


    Here is to another great year and wonderful posts from you to keep us entertained, informed, and moving more and more towards the left :).


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