Thursday, November 29, 2007

don't be discouraged

don't be discouraged

After we came back from vacation, it was hard to pick up the newspaper or turn on the radio again. After a two-week news diet, I was overwhelmed by how relentlessly bad all the news was. And what passes for good news these days is usually just product placement.

This week, there is lots of bad news. Bad news at work, bad news at home, bad news on the radio. Lately every time someone shares a bit of news with me, they end it with "but don't be discouraged!"

I am discouraged.

I want to crawl under my desk and knit a sweater, but all the yarn is at home. I want to curl up with my kitties and forget about the rest of the world for a day or two. I want to enjoy the good news, because of course, there is plenty of it. It's right there behind that big looming sense of impending doom.

But I can't do those things. In the face of all this discouraging stuff, the only option is to grit your teeth and find a way forward, so that's what I will do. I am trying to enjoy the snippets of beauty that are all around in late November - in leaf piles, and in those brilliant cold flashes of sky we keep getting in the afternoons, and in the warmth of home.

november leaves

hot tea
good books
purring kitties
wooly yarn
lists of crafts to make
phone calls with friends
crisp, sweet apples
bright red and yellow leaves

It helps to make lists of good things.


  1. Would a hug help??? Here's one for you, {{{{{{fpea}}}}}} from me, samm who hopes things improve soon.

  2. hug from me too...
    it's so difficult
    not to get
    i am often
    down in the dumps
    hope things
    will start

  3. girl, i feel the exact same way today. and it's nice to know that i'm not alone. here's to a nice hot cup of tea to soothe the soul!
    heart, nic

  4. I DON'T watch the news with exception only when there is something pressing going on (i.e. the recent fires here in San Diego). When I first turned on the news, I had a happy kitty in my lap with knitting project draped over him. I fliped the tv to the news and within 30 seconds he was on the floor irritated and glaring like I had pinched him. If I had SO MUCH negative energy flowing through me that my "lap extention" got up, can you imagine what that was doing to my nervous system??! The news, unless it is REALLY informing you, is NOT good for you - particularly right before bed - avoid it as often as you can. Just remember - cats know best - how do you think they got those 9 lives!

  5. Well, when I walked into a certain local clothing shop that is serving as the drop-point for yarn for a certain local charity for young girls, I found myself something to smile about. Assuming I was going to be about the only one dropping anything off, I was THRILLED to see a huge basket overflowing with donations. And then I was told there was "more in the back." Good news, indeed.

  6. oh the news is so depressing! it's true. i think reminding yourself of all the good things and treating yourself to some simple pleasures is just what the doctor ordered. hugs from me too. xo

  7. My kitties are available for snuggling too if you need some extra help from across the fence. :)

  8. those are wonderful things, i hope that the list helps to cheer you some. it's always hard to come back to the world after being away for a while. a shock to the system.

  9. I hope things swing in the other direction for you. The news is definitely discouraging, and I really don't see that getting better. But in the meantime, I'll add to your list.

    a full moon on a clear night
    fresh sheets
    smell of cookies baking
    a hot bath


  10. Yeah, that's about all you can do... your list is a good one : )

  11. Great list! It always helps to remind ourselves of the good things, especially when we are feeling low. Hang in there!


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