Sunday, January 27, 2008


Guess what I did today? It involved all of these pieces:


Since it was such a nice, sunny, mild day, I dragged a big box out of the garage to work on this little project on the back patio.

It took about an hour, was manufactured in Japan and involved a small amount of colorful language on my part. The instructions were just a diagram.

Can you tell what it is...?


It will get our garden started much earlier this year.


It's a greenhouse! Pretty cool, huh? It used to belong to my mom, but she decided she didn't want it anymore and gave it to us. I am so excited!

Don't look too closely -- it's all crooked because I couldn't jam all the bars in as far as they were supposed to go, even with all the most superhumanest, gruntingest strength I could muster, and HWWLLB was busy with something else. Hopefully he'll be able to straighten it out later.

I can't wait to start the lettuces and spinach and kale and bok choy! We'll be eating fresh greens weeks ahead of schedule. This will also let me start some of the summer plants (like watermelons) earlier this year while the cool weather plants are hogging all the garden space. Maybe we'll have some hope of harvesting sauce tomatoes and eating melons before the horrid evil heat of late July destroys all life and forces us indoors cower in the air conditioning and watch everything wilt from afar.

This is so exciting. It's making me crave vegetables in the worst way (such that I actually just ate a carrot). I'm going to go make a cup of tea and get out all the seed catalogs and the garden drawings from last year and start planning the schedule. Whee! Garden fun!


  1. Officially jealous. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

    Happy planting!

  2. What a great thing! That baby will make the winter go by even quicker. Happy growing!

  3. I agreen with Kristy. jealous. don't have the room for one of these.

  4. that 's a pretty cool setup-let us know how it goes

  5. I love your blog, i try to read it every day. Funny how I live in Wake co too and hardly never see the same things you do.

  6. Definitely jealous. My greenhouse is ugly and I tore the door zipper away from the vinyl. I have a much smaller one column of shelves version of this one, looks like. I know what you mean about the colorful language!

  7. Garden daydreaming is the BEST. About this time of year I start getting the big sketch pad out to draw up garden/flowerbed designs. Lucky me, I work in a greenhouse business, so I get to play in the dirt earlier than most!

    Good greenhouse! It looks like you did a fine job with construction.


  8. Jealous! Both of your green house and the knowledge that you can plant outside soon. I'll be waiting another 3 months or so.

  9. yep. just as jealous as everyone else, maybe more so, trapped here in the middle of manhattan, 2,000 miles from my garden. can't wait to see what you grow this year! xox


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