Tuesday, January 29, 2008

take your daughters

...or your moms. Or your boyfriends...

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means... well, yes, mindless consumerism, again. But more importantly, there will be local benefit performances all over the world of Eve Ensler's amazing play, the Vagina Monologues. Here in Raleigh, a fabulous group of community performers will be staging their third annual production of the Vagina Monologues on Saturday, February 9th, with all proceeds going to the Women's Inmate Program of the Wake Literacy Council.

You don't want to miss this! The matinee show at the Rialto is a great place to take your mom, your daughter, your sister, your brother, your dad... to see a show that is hilarious, moving, and will help you start all those conversations that you don't know how to have with the people you're closest to. Sex? Yes. Love? Yes. Abuse? Yes, unfortunately. Hope? Joy? Fun? Yes, yes, yes!

I hear there are still some tickets left for the raucous late-night performance at the Pour House as well... but they're going fast!

Get your tickets at raleigh-vm.org. And make sure you tell some friends about it, too!

By the way, if you don't live in North Carolina, there are plenty of places to see this incredible show. Check out vday.org to find out where!

PS... thanks to Liz Winfrey for the great photos from last year's show.


  1. Yay! Thank you for the plug, Ms. Pea. :)

  2. I was in the staff room at work the other day and someone was reading the paper. Another person peeked over her shoulder and saw an ad for the Vagina Monologues and mentioned that a friend was going to see "that" and pointed at it. "Going to what?" I piped up, peering over the edge of the paper. And seeing the ad, asked " The Vagina Monologues?" This created a squeal and the response " I can't believe that you said the "V" word" Me- "What, Vagina?" Her- squealing again " Argh, it's almost as bad as the "P" word" Me- "What, Penis?" Her- squeal again " UGH, stop it!" Me- "How do you feel about C.U.N.T.?" It was a little too much. I'm glad that she only has boys.

  3. excellent. glad to know that's going on in the area since i'm new to the triangle!

  4. i heart the vagina monologues! the fordham theatre undergrads are doing it here too... it makes me so happy. xox


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