Saturday, January 12, 2008

sleepy kitty

Don't let that cat go to sleep!

simon not sleeping
simon trying to sleep in his cozy new bed

We have to poke the cat every three minutes or so to keep him from going to sleep. This has been challenging since his friends Applejack & Mr. Henry gave him a cozy new cat bed (which he overfills rather blissfully).

Simon is very lonely since Jackie passed. He shows his loneliness by begging for my attention, all day and all night. He follows me everywhere I go, meowing and tugging on my pants. Every time I sit down, he sits on me, unless he's already sitting on HWWLLB.

Night is the worst. At night Simon normally sleeps in the bed next to me, and gets me up about thirty minutes before it's actually time to get up, which I don't mind much. But lately, he needs me to pet him, get up and watch him eat, chase him out the door, etc. etc., about every hour or two, all night long. He's driving me crazy! I look like the parent of a newborn, what with the puffy eyes and the haggard look that says "please kill me now so that I can get some rest."

So we have taken to sleep deprivation to spare my sanity. Whenver it looks like Simon might be drifting off to dreamland, we poke him. He hates it. But since the poking regimen began, I am getting a lot more sleep. Poor Simon's sleep schedule is all out of kilter - and it's almost tolerable.


  1. We have a cat who goes through those spells with the cycle of the moon. So once a month, we turn to the poke-remedy and make sure she gets no sleep during the daytime.

  2. We used this method with a puppy once, one who had his sleep schedule upside down. I played that puppy ragged all day, and the boys kept him from napping. We only had to do it a couple of days, and then he was rightsideup again! Poor little weenie puppy....

  3. Poor Simon... and poor you! Hopefully the poking does the trick. Have you thought about finding a companion for Simon? He sounds lonely.

  4. Poor little fella. Our cats aren't allowed in the bedroom, and we have to use a baby gate to keep them downstairs, because otherwise our female would sit at the door and meow all night. I hope things settle down soon.

  5. Simon looks so cute in his new bed!

    Let me know how the poking trick works out. We've got the same kinds of early morning shenanigans going on over here too. Ugh.

  6. Oh, man, I didn't realize that you had lost a beloved cat too. So sorry! I empathize, believe me. Guido has always yowled at night but since Squirt died he is starting to get on my nerves in all kinds of ways. And for some reason he has stopped pulling in his claws when he pokes me. The yowling has increased 100%.

    I wish you peace.

  7. poor little guy (and sleepless you!). i'm wondering if e should try that with sherman... since i moved up here sherman has been after him all day and night, incredibly needy and worked up. xo


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