Tuesday, February 05, 2008

super DUPER!

It's SuperDuper Tuesday, y'all!

Here in my laggardly home state, we won't be able to vote in a primary until May, so I have been half-hoping that today's contest would be an even split, keeping the Democratic bid wide open long enough for us to actually play a role in the decision for a change. That would be really amazing.

But really, what I'm hoping for is that Barack Obama sweeps the country off its feet. Damn, I love this guy!!! His campaign video makes me cry! He's such a wonderful speaker, and policy differences aside, after listening to the Shrub's pathetic attempts at complete sentences for the last eight years, we deserve a president who can speak. And hot damn, can he speak.

Anyhow, last week I joined the Ravelry Knitters for Obama group (who, by the way, are having a raffle) and have finally decided to show you all my stripes after many months of resisting talking about the primaries on this here knitblog. I won't babble on, though... plenty of other bloggers have plenty of eloquent things to say today.

To all of you who live in New Jersey (my birth state!) or any of the other lucky SuperDuper states today, I wish I could go vote with you today!

today's lucky states:
alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, connecticut, delaware, georgia, illinois, kansas, massachusetts, minnesota, missouri, new jersey, new mexico, new york, north dakota, oklahoma, tennessee and utah.
Wish I were there!


  1. I live in California, and I will be voting today (you can vote vicariously through me)! ;)

  2. I was there when the doors opened to cast my vote. Doesn't hurt that my polling station is literally next door to my apartment. ;)

  3. Aw, thanks for the linky, and the kind words!

    I'm actually going to be able to vote in Moscow on the 10th, thanks to DemocratsAbroad. Wacky!

  4. SO excited.
    too bad
    no one
    cares about

  5. I'm in Canada so I don't vote, but I sure am interested in what will happen in your election. I've been hugely impressed with Obama since I saw him interviewed by Oprah a long while back. I think I'd have confidence in him, and let's face it, your president has an impact on our country too. :O)

  6. i can't vote - being a canadian and all...but i'd get on your bandwagon if i could!

  7. Barack the vote! We're hoping that we might even rate a visit if it stays close, since we vote in March. Fingers crossed!

  8. yay for knitters for obama!! fabulous. i am so excited about how well he is doing... looks like NC might make a difference after all. and i am still burning about the disenfranchisement of FL dems! xox

  9. I am also from Canada. I do not understand the system in US very well. It seems so long winded and unfair and confusing. I hope who ever gets in - is not one one those old boy network guys in disguise. Ones that do not make trillions by sending your men to war so their family can sell more armaments and I know war makes money but so many people have died on both sides and know probably 159,000 of the 160,000 iraqies were just families caught in the cross fire and most of the soldiers just wanted a job and an education not to be doing what they so couragiously are instructed to do. It is all a bad scene. I am so happy with the main choices of a man of some color and a woman - that will knock some prejudiced people on their derriers. I just hope the change is good - all of North America will be affected. Good luck in your voting!!!


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