Wednesday, April 23, 2008

cloudy and quiet

It's been awfully quiet around here lately.

april showers 2
sunday: partly cloudy with a chance of big double-rainbows

I'm not sure why I haven't been posting as often. Is it the cloudy weather with a chance of showers? Is it that I'm spending all my time watching plants grow instead of typing out my thoughts?

Cloudy weather makes me slower. It also makes me more introspective, which you'd think might lead to more writing... and it does, except maybe not to more sharing. I have actually been writing a lot and thinking a lot about things to write, but in my introspective moods, I also feel very introverted, and I like to keep my little secrets to myself.

Today will be a busy work day, cramming lots of tasks into the daylight hours, then rushing home to make it to yoga class on time. I love my yoga class. Then home, ravenous, moving as fast as I can to eat something tasty and quick, too late for dinner and too close to bedtime. Then I will do some chores, play with the cat, talk with HWWLLB about how our days went and what's coming tomorrow. Then maybe some reading and then collapse into bed.


And tomorrow will be another busy, cloudy, quiet day with a chance of showers. But maybe with a little more time for watching plants grow.


  1. i am there with you. I think about all these things that I want to share with people, but then .... ehh... i just don't want to sit down and share it. Maybe I am not like you, maybe i am just lazy :)

  2. Giiirlll! This weather is killing me. If I don't see the sun soon - and for longer then 3 mins...well, I might just go crazy.

  3. i totally understand. enjoy watching the plants!

  4. Hi. This is Beverly. Okay, little lady. I'm thinking an appreciation of the little things shake-up is in order. To me the weather has been gorgeous! Now - there's the slightest chance that I love it because I can take Christopher to the park and sit and knit while he's playing. Hmmmm. And Fawn, the photo is absolutely amazing! I'm trying to figure out how to make it my screen saver. Tell "the hubby" that Alex and I said hello.


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