Thursday, April 24, 2008

running backwards, underwater, with holes in my pockets

Argh, work! Everything is so frustrating lately. I can't seem to get anything accomplished.

another work sock

Except this sock. I did manage to finish knitting a sock during a conference call yesterday. And lookee there -- that 8 or so inches of yarn coming off the toe? That is the very end of the yarn ball. How perfect was that?? I was sweating out the last few toe rows, though. I think this about sums up my workplace productivity this week.

It's not that I'm not trying. In fact, I'm trying very, very hard. But lately it seems like every week there's a new massive setback. So I freak out, drink tea, regroup, get a new strategy, start to get some traction and then... SPLAT! Another massive setback. It's so frustrating.

But the garden is doing marvelously, so I really can't be too upset. We just noticed yesterday that the bok choi is growing splendidly in a completely different place than where HWWLLB had remembered planting it. The last few days he's been moping about how the bok choi didn't grow, and then yesterday we found it humming along in another bed. Hooray!

And the wonderful CSA deliveries started this week!

And there is now a cupcake-seller at our weekly farmer's market!

And the weather is glorious! what was I complaining about? Oh yeah, work. And I need to go there in about 30 minutes. [deep, mournful sigh] Perhaps things will be looking up today. Maybe next week will be setback-free. It is Friday, after all.

and there are radishes waiting at home for some love


  1. The radishes look delicious! A cupcake seller at your CSA pickup? You are one lucky gal. One of the local CSAs has a pickup at a bakery - and I think that would just be bad news for me.

  2. Love to see pictures of garden. We still have some snow on the ground in Northern Canada. Love your blog. Life's good when cupcakes are easily accessible.

  3. You know, I ran out of yarn for a sweater I was knitting yesterday and had to rip out the swatch to use the yarn to finish. I hate it when I have JUST enough yarn to finish something. I freak out.

  4. I almost freaked out cuz i thought your radishes were strawberries at first glance! Good luck at work, I know what you mean about the set backs and start overs. I often long for the day when I cooked food for a living... you make a plate, and the job is done. delish! Sending get 'er done thoughts your way...

  5. What good yarn luck you have! It's really pretty - what is it?


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