Wednesday, April 30, 2008

6 days and counting...

Oh, did you think I meant til the big May 6th primary?? I guess I meant that too... But there are just 6 days left until someone wins THIS:

well, 6 of these actually

This is a beautiful cooler bearing Les's delicious Obamabrew, a hand-crafted Belgian style golden ale that will be presented (in six-pack format) to one lucky winner of the Crafters for Obama T-shirt rally!

I sampled some of the golden goodness on Sunday, and people let me tell you, if you like beer, you want to win this contest.

The other night at PeaceNic & Les's house, we got down to some local crafting for Obama while raising a little money for the campaign. We ate a lot of soy-based fake meat product, chased toddlers around in the rain, and then a bunch of folks put some stencils and a Bedazzler to work & made themselves some T-shirts. It was my first time out modeling my sparkly, sparkly new Obama T-shirt:

sparkly obama shirt
don't be blinded by the hope

You know I'm going to be wearing this shirt every chance I get! I used an old rock & roll T-shirt, bedazzled the outer ring & inner stripes and then hand-sequined the inside. I won't say how many hours it took... all I can say is that I'm really glad that I like the final product better than the original Erase Errata T-shirt I had to mangle to make it. Three cheers for sequins!

The sock monster is almost done, the other prizes are piling up, the T-shirt models are flexing their chest muscles, and the t-shirts are making their way to the Flickr group! And by the way, check out the other incredible crafts on the Flickr group while you're there... y'all amaze me.

If you didn't sign up yet but you still want to enter a T-shirt... go ahead! Just join the Flickr group and make sure you include the words "Rally Entry" in your T-shirt description. Tell us how you made it, because you get bonus points for recycling and repurposing your T-shirt and supplies!


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