Monday, June 16, 2008

another bad kitty


Please meet Another Bad Kitty. A.B.K. was made as a birthday present for my all-time favorite craftista next-door-neighbor Ileana, who has adopted A.B.K. and taken her in when nobody else would.

A.B.K. has several bad habits, including never ever brushing her teeth, drinking the last of the milk and then leaving the empty container in the fridge, leaving the toilet seat up (after drinking from it), kicking kittens, and selling the furniture on Craigslist to get money for beer. She's been a bit of a handful at my house, so I'm hoping that her new friends Applejack and Mr. Henry will model their good behavior skills and maybe even rub off on her a little.

A.B.K. can also be very charming. Her hobbies include blowing fancy smoke rings, playing the drums, mixing cocktails and collecting vintage cars, though I can't imagine where she gets the money for them, unless her squirrel-removal business is more successful than one might imagine. Here's a shot of her after she chased a particularly wily squirrel out of our garden:

and don't come back!


  1. So cute! And I especially love how she chased a squirrel out of the yard. I may need to hire her! ;)

  2. Cute. Love the squirrel removal business.

  3. best character description ever!!! that is one bad kitty!

  4. That kitty on the fence is too cute... toooooooo cute...


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