Sunday, June 01, 2008

oops... and here's a monster

Well, I tried. I did work on that pattern, but trying is not the same as actually finishing, so it will be next Friday before that Cowgirl etc. vest pattern is posted. I apologize if any of you were hoping to knock it out over the weekend as a birthday gift (ha ha).

But there's always a new sock monster to peek at instead. This is the Obamonster that Tracey won in the T-shirt making contest:

in the unlikely story that is sockmonsters, there has never been anything false about hope

I can post a picture because I finally mailed it off to Tracey last week. This little monster loves democracy, voting and community organizing, and her/his favorite singer is S/he enjoyed hanging out with the other monsters at my house, organizing anti-war rallies with them and preparing meals for the local women's shelter. I'm sure s/he will find plenty to do at Tracey's house, too, though I hear that s/he is planning on volunteering in battleground states this fall. Maybe you'll run into her/him at a rally in your town!

If you were a contest winner and you still haven't received your prize, it's because I'm having a little logistical challenge related to un-shippable items... but I promise I'll figure it out soon (sorry Angela, and thanks for being patient!).

Off to enjoy vegetating indoors for the rest of this sweltering Sunday. It seems that summer has finally arrived here in North Carolina. *sigh* I was really hooked on spring.

Obamonster - back


  1. I love love love that monster! I wish she was coming to live with me - there's plenty to do on Long Island...

  2. i love the butt.
    so glad
    you went
    with a tail.
    nothing more
    than a
    without a tail!

  3. Lucky Tracey - that Obamamonster Ba-ROCKS! =D

  4. Love the Obamonster!

  5. oh! i love him! he's wearing sweater !

  6. A sweater. ... i think the heat is getting to me ;)

  7. oh fawn. this is SO good. and gwen's comment is cracking me up :) xox


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