Friday, June 13, 2008

f. o. c. u. s.

I'm having a hard time with my knitting focus right now. I have knitter A.D.D. Or maybe it's designer A.D.D. No sooner do I start on one project than another design pops into my head, makes its way to the sketch pad, and then becomes irresistible.

So I start in on that, and once I feel like I've got it more or less figured out, my mind is already wandering on to the next thing. Usually I have better self-control than this, but lately I can't seem to stick with a project for very long at all.

Part of the problem may be the projects themselves. Two of the projects I have going right now are blankets. What was I thinking? Row after row after row after row.... I might as well be knitting an ocean. It goes on forever! So I get tired of it and put it aside and reach for my other project... eek! Another blanket! Noooooooo! Why didn't anyone warn me?? You can see why I'd start jumping to other things. But the hardly-started oceans of yarn are taking up a lot of space in my knitting basket, not to mention mental space, so it really feels like I ought to drill down on one of them and get it gone.

One is a baby blanket in organic cotton that I'm designing as I go. It will be a patchwork of leafy designs that get crocheted together in the end. The other is Totally Autumn from Knitty Fall 07, which I'm knitting in a slightly smaller gauge with the beautiful Brooks Farm Solana that I bought at MSW.

It would be great to just focus on the little baby blanket for a while and get it out of the way... but I just did this sketch of a summer blouse in a cotton/linen blend that would be so much fun to make! And I have this sun hat design in the works... and I just picked up some new sock yarn that I'm dying to get onto the needles... oh well. Maybe I just need to accept unfocused and unfinished as my current knitting state.

P.S. Thanks for all the sweet comments about the Cowgirl Butterfly Astronaut vest. If you're knitting it, please keep me posted on how it goes!


  1. Go Girl (on your blankets). I was going to knit one but after hearing your comments on the tedium of knitting yardage I'm going to use really big yarn and needles. Cowgirl is next in line for casting on. PS my new blog name is Flighty Knits.

  2. i have the exact same dilemma. tons of half-finished sweaters, sewing projects... i think i need to make june the month of Finishing Things Up :)

  3. I know what you mean about the baby blankets. At first I thought that I could whiz through mine because I used the old shale pattern that I've memorized. Then, after boredom set in, I thought to do blocks but I decided against that because of the finishing...

  4. I love the cowgirl buterfly astronaut vest and would love to knit it for my 16 month old grand-daughter. I have just retired and have MORE knitting time. Please specify the colors of the Sierra and Sierra Quatro that you used. I cannot tell from their website and what you chose is perfect for Zoe.


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