Tuesday, November 08, 2005

god bless jon bon jovi

I love living in North Carolina, and I sure do love southern culture (mostly). But when I tell people I come from New Jersey, they act like I can't be redneck enough to live here. No really, SOUTH Jersey! It's the south of the north! I swear!

So thank you Robyn for sending around the southern heritage email today, with this glorious anthropological evidence PROVING once and for all that southerners really do come from New Jersey, because its traditional hairstyles are so deeply rooted here. I am honored to stand at this cultural intersection with my own big hair testifying for me - I AM REDNECK! HEAR ME BELCH, Y'ALL! (or 'yous guys,' depending on who's reading). Now I'm gonna celebrate with some banana puddin.


  1. you even made the baby wear the big hair.

    That's child abuse.

  2. i swear, it's not my baby! though she sure does bear a strong resemblance to my cousin...

  3. You're kidding right!? These look like my neighbors in Chicago...



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