Monday, November 07, 2005

send safety goggles!

Okay, the gratitude scarf is done, so I can resume those legwarmers... or start the socks for my grannies for Xmas... or clean out the stash and work on some kids' hats for Xmas... or get to work on the super-secret fancy surprise project for someone who might be reading this right now... or that sweater I'm dying to make for myself (note the yummy off-white Kathmandu Aran in the pile that I impulse bought/broke the bank on while on vacation last month... slobber slobber)... or get that baby bolero done... or or or or...

Help me! I'm having frantic yarn paralysis! I swear it wasn't impulse buying! I swear I have a real live project in mind for every single one of those bags of yarn in the closet! I swear I want to make them all, I... just... can't... choose...

Fat needles! Skinny needles! Cabling needles! I actually stuck myself in the eye with a DPN in my frantic project-switching the other night (no injuries ensued, but it was rather humiliating as HWWLLB was sitting right there and managed to stifle his laughter admirably). For the love of God, and the protection of my own eyeballs, I need to CALM DOWN and just plug through ONE project at a time. Just as soon as I buy the giant circular needle and the skeins of Manos del Uruguay I've been coveting so that I can finally learn the Magic Loop technique and make myself one of those cute little hot lava cardigans...


  1. This proves what a yarn addict I am. I'm reading along and when I got the part where you wrote "Calm Down" I hadn't even made it to the word "Down" when I was automatically thinking "Calmer"! She's buying Rowan Calmer! I love Calmer!. Then I got to the word "Down" and realized you weren't talking about another yarn at all. I'm obsessed I tell you.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one... sicko yarn addicts unite! Just be careful with those damn needles!


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