Thursday, November 10, 2005

oh oh oh... it's magic!

Here at SnB Raleigh we are ALL ABOUT the Magic Loop. Everyone's doing it. At least, last night everyone was. Well, okay two people. But it's so dang cool.

Flems is doing it with her hot hot Hot Lava cardigan (notice the young yet drool-worthy sleeve):

Saun's doing it with her Socktober socks:

Why am I not doing it? Where's my hot lava? Patience, my pretties... one day I'll let myself buy some more yarn. I love me some Stitch n' Bitch. Nothing could be finer than a glass of Crane Lake merlot ("Hi, I'll have the cheap red, please?"), some cute little baristas and a mellllllow DJ mixin it up with the knitting crew. Did I mention the truffle? Gotta have a truffle. Oh, what a way to get through the mid-week hump. Witness the transformative power of SnB:

Dave is trying to cast on. He has hardly knitted at all yet. See how frustrated? He is only pretending to smile. After a few minutes of successful Knitting With Pals, Dave is so happy! See how he smiles so genuinely?

Friends, you too can be this easily entertained. But listen, even though I know I've now posted the Magic Loop link twice on this here blog, those were only for reference purposes. Don't be thinking you should learn how to do this off the internets. Go down to the LYS or better yet go to Stitch n' Bitch and ask someone to show you how it's done. Part of the magic inherent in the Magic Loop is that it cannot be conveyed by language - only by in-person demonstration. The demonstration is a talisman passed on to you by a sage and carried forever in your knitting bag. Keep it sacred!


  1. Ah! And to think, I was there. What? No pictures of this hot babe? I'll be hiding my blog identity for just a little longer -- have to get over the shyness factor (yeah, and I've spilled my guts to the Internet already). Thanks, though, for fessing up your blog address. Like I need another one to read. But! Yours is so witty. It would be better, though, with a picture of me on it.

  2. It's true. What was I thinking??? I was trying to protect your secret identity (and Saun's, too). Well as soon as you're ready to spill your guts to people you actually know, we'll be there, ready to read. And gossip. No, just kidding, we'd never do that! Only at book club!


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