Thursday, December 01, 2005

beyond the scarf

At stitch & bitch last night the excitement was all about Robyn's floppy hat. She's going to felt it, and it's going to be SO COOL. This was exciting because, 1. we all lead fairly boring lives, and 2. this is Robyn's first non-scarf project!

Look! It's Robyn! And she's not knitting a scarf!

Oh, sigh, I remember those days so fondly! My first hat... it was one of those Ann Norling fruit hats, which I now find rather trite but at the time I thought it was genius. A hat that makes the baby look like a pumpkin - astounding! I knitted it as a baby gift for my college roommate, who has the cutest little girl on earth (besides my other college friend and HER cute little girl, who is tied for first place cuteness with my roommate's daughter. Hi Violet!), and she grew into it just in time for her first Halloween. SO F*ing CUTE! Anyhow I thought that was quite an accomplishment because not only did I learn to knit in the round AND learn to decrease in the same project, but I also had to use two colors of yarn (shudder).

Well, along comes Robyn and her floppy hat! Girlfriend is knitting in the round, increasing, decreasing, using two yarns at once and felting, all for the first time, all in one project - you GO Robyn! I am impressed. Of course we are all outdone by esotic who is knitting a hat as his first project EVER and it's coming out perfect, but whatever. We have ovaries and he doesn't. So there.

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