Monday, December 12, 2005

from our intrepid knitter on the street

Dateline: my house. The subject: Er, you know, what I'm knitting and related hard-hitting news.

Over the weekend I made a beret, an Xmas gift for my friend's adorable little curly-headed daughter. Excuse, me, I meant to say, a Tam. (Tam? Who, outside of Ireland and knitting books, would call a beret a "tam," I ask you? Maybe it's one of those anti-French terms, like Freedom Fries. PatrioTams. I like it). Anyhow, if you've never made a beret, er, PatrioTam, I suggest you try it. They are fun and easy, and stylish, in a French/Celtic fusion sort of way. This one's made from Bingo Chiné and is going to look ridiculously cute on this kid, if my predictions hold.

looks cute on my keyboard.

Friday night I stayed up waaaay past bedtime finishing my last contribution for the Stitch & Bitch charity fashion show/auction thing. I had finished up all my contributions weeks ago, like the little overachiever that I am, but last week I got an attack of fashion show anxiety (shared by Saun), based on my fear that a big mess of rich southern ladies would show up, checkbooks in hand, and find the whole evening utterly lacking in high-end items to purchase. So I ran out to the LYS and picked up a bunch of Lamb's Pride bulky to make my high-end item, which I call the not-a-mink stole, a.k.a. capelet, a.k.a. wrap thing. It has mostly assuaged my fears of rich ladies not giving us their money, but whoever shells out for this thing is going to go home covered in shedded mohair. But hey, it will say 15% mohair right on the tag, so I can hardly be blamed for their misfortunes. Right?

the capelet in progress, around midnight friday.

It felt so good to finish that puppy, though I am still looking for the perfect vintage rhinestone brooch to use as its closure. It's going to be hard to give up when I do, even if it does shed like prom dress after a bottle of Boone's Farm. But enough about prom dresses and my knitting, because there were many exciting developments in other people's knitting at SnB last week that I am just now getting around to telling you about. Last week we were graced with a new knitter, who has recently completed the World's Longest Scarf. Well, maybe not longest EVER, but certainly the longest I've seen in a while. See, she learned how to knit a long time ago, like years maybe, and she's been knitting and knitting this scarf ever since, but nobody every taught her to cast off! And so the scarf grew... But Wednesday night we put a stop to her labor pains, and Sarah's scarf is now completely birthed.

the proud mama of a freakishly long, yet lovely, scarf.

I am so proud to have been connected to Sarah's accomplishment, if only because I was sitting across the table from her when it happened. I am also tremendously proud to have been connected with Mindy's baby cardigan, which she finished up at SnB last week (by connected, I mean that I pulled my cat out of her yarn bag once while she was knitting it). It's her first non-scarf project. Way to go Mindy!

daisies and giant teacups make me happy!

I'm thinking that maybe the fashion show needs a couple more down-market contributions. What about a red white & blue his n' hers set of PatrioTams? Just in time for holiday gift-giving?


  1. So, I can't decide which I like better in the first picture: the tam, or, (ahem) the Mac... ;-)

  2. Red,white,and blue his and hers Patrio-Tams? It's the his and hers part that is killing me because some little woman would buy them and actually force her poor husband to walk around in a matching outfit. I laugh just thinking about it.

    I've made a few more men's hats and I'm trying to stop myself from making anything else.


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