Monday, December 19, 2005

fashion denouement

Hooray! The SnB charity fashion show auction thing is over! It was so much fun, and we raised about $1,000 for the charity, the NC Center for Women in Public Service (they are all about getting more women into elected office). As soon as our publicist/photographer posts his pictures, I'll put some up here. It was soooo glamorous.

Here's the Luxe Wrap/Not-a-Mink-Stole that kept me up late last weekend. It came out pretty flashy-looking, especially because I spent an hour before the show wiring sparkly beads onto the tacky vintage brooch I was using as the closure. But check this out... it sold for $90! I couldn't believe it! I woke up the morning after the auction at 5 am having knitting anxiety because of all the little imperfections that the buyer laid out 90 clams for... There's that buttonhole I didn't wind up using & never sewed up... then that weak spot in the yarn I didn't got back & re-stitch... oh god! Imperfection! I tossed and turned for an hour, aggravating the cat (HWWLLB didn't seem to be too concerned about the buttonhole), before finally getting back to sleep.

Why do I have to have sleep-disturbing anxiety? Over buttonholes! At any rate, I think I'm going to have to email the buyer a lifetime warranty guaranteeing that I will fuss over any little holes or weak spots for all eternity. Then I can get some sleep!

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