Friday, October 27, 2006

busy with the crafts

I am so excited to have moved on to sock pair #2 of the Socktoberfest projects. Here is a little progress shot, taken at work yesterday (the socks came with me to a very boring morning meeting where I got a couple of inches knitted).

The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, and I must say I looooove working with it. This is the Gold Hill colorway - apparently my skeins came from a really pink batch, because I've heard from other folk that theirs is way less pink. I'm making these socks for HWWLLB's mom, which is a little trick to get me through them faster because she wears size 5 shoes. Yay! Quick project! The first pair I made this month were men's large, and plain gray, and they went ON and ON and ON... though I do love the way they came out. But it's time for some color.

And speaking of color, here's a quick peek at some of the amazing crafts that are showing up on Craft of the Year:

Peek at Craft of the Year pool
Crafts submitted by (clockwise): Jaypeg, Stacie, Macoco and FurryJumperGirl.

Y'all need to get up there and post your bestest crafts! I am so in love with the crafts people have posted already. The hot pink gibbon makes me swoon. I know there are Socktoberfest projects to be finished, and beads to be threaded on suri (no I haven't gotten to that yet...) but I think I'm going to be needing to make a sock monster this weekend... I have a big tub of tube socks just waiting to be chopped and monsterized.

And by the way... feel free to steal the button! Unless it's not tacky enough for you...



  1. wow! I feel honoured!

  2. the sock is coming out very pretty, even with its pinkish hue.

  3. i must...
    yes must,
    start on
    my socks
    this weekend...
    you are sooooo
    inspiring me!

  4. help help help
    i need a sock pattern
    for the yarn
    you sent me
    to knit socks
    for our sized feet.


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