Monday, October 23, 2006


I have been looking forward to this particular Monday for a looooong time. I spent the day doing only one boring errand, and otherwise thoroughly enjoying a much-needed day off. And upon reflection, it seems that a couple of lists are in order. Perhaps I am just too lazy for narrative, but I like how the list format lets you tell a story so succinctly. I rely on lists really heavily in general - I'm always making lists of things to do or get or make, which I keep in my planner at work, written on the back of my hand, and on scraps of paper in my pockets.

So to celebrate this T.G.I.M., some more lists (you know you love them):

projects completed this weekend
  • our organization's 20th anniversary par-tay (yessss!)
  • the gentleman's shooting stockings
  • a biostatistics test

now we have to wait around for xmas to get worn.

things i have knitted that were worn this weekend
stuff that went wrong at the big party that nobody noticed, because really they were too busy having fun
  • the venue forgot to order the big tent
  • cold, soggy weather
  • no sound monitors
  • lead guitarist 1/2 hour late for set
  • dessert-related confusion. too many desserts! oh no!
stuff i did with my big monday off
  • started some socks with wonderful lorna's laces
  • went to the doctor
  • thrift shopping
  • completed halloween costume
  • watched 2 episodes of MI-5
  • drank a lot of tea
people who are amazingly, incredibly nice*
  • annie O'
  • lolly
  • my sister's boyfriend, CP
* not a complete inventory


  1. OK, I can't be a lurker anymore. It's me - Susanna (formerly known as Sue) Mike F.'s sweetheart.
    As a fellow lover of lists and knitting and an aspiring blogger, I have very much been enjoying your blog.

  2. oh, you are so incredibly nice! and you make beautiful socks and take wonderful photographs! :)

  3. I love the socks too! Great yarn pics!!


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