Wednesday, October 04, 2006

numbers < death!

You have probably head the rumors already. Test results are in, and I did just fine on a math test this week. In fact - and I can hardly believe it myself - I got a 100. On a math test. All math. That's all it was. Using the proper formulas to solve equations. Did you see that flock of pigs flying south for the winter? Pretty amazing, huh?

Despite all the whining, this biostatistics class is not going to kill me. It may be challenging, it may suck up a lot of time that I would otherwise spend knitting, going to yoga or hanging out with friends, it may require me to use the function keys on my calculator (shudder), but it is utterly do-able. I feel a little taller this week, like I have slain (slew?) a demon that has haunted me since middle school. Take that, equations!

In other news, the baby bolero (pictured above) is headed off to its rightful owner today. I am not happy at all with the weird bunching and imbalance that blocking didn't quite manage to cure (though it improved noticeably). But it is her first birthday, so this is what she's getting. She's too little to care whether it bunches anyway.

Also, mad props to Yarnmarket, who besides having the cutest little lamb as their logo, now have an Eco-Friendly Fibers section on their website. I've never even heard of half this stuff - I wish they'd send me samples to review on my blog (hint, hint - Yarnmarket are you listening?).

Look for a free pattern this Friday...


  1. The baby boloero looks fabulous. The buttons are such a cute touch too. I have to say that I really like the color you picked as well. I've been seeing more and more people getting away from the pastels for kids and it's so nice because there are so many other colors that look awesome.

  2. Yay! Congratulations on the math test (and on not dying! hehe!). I saw those pigs flying...I just figured it was because I've been exercising. lol!

  3. Okay, i can't find your darn e-mail. Saw this and thought of you. I can just see you in this for some reason. Go check it out.


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