Monday, October 16, 2006

monday lists

On Friday I was feeling mopey and wrote a long, whiney missive that I'm glad I didn't post. I think the shorter fall days are getting to me. I'm also crazy busy, fighting off a cold and traveling a lot, and these things are adding together with the less-sunlight to equal more frequent BAD MOODS.

I even considered faking sick so that I wouldn't have to get in the car for a long drive to the Nantahala National Forest for HWWLLB's Family Camping Trip this past weekend. Now I'm so glad I pulled myself together - it was a beautiful weekend. Beautiful weather, good company and time outside worked like a tonic on me, and I got some more perspective on the things I was mopey about.

Instead of whining, I'm writing some lists of the good, the bad, and the other. Making lists helps me look a bit more objectively at what's going on in my life and why I feel the way I do, and also, how to feel better. So here we go:

things i miss
  • going out to see live music
  • drinking tea/coffee in the afternoon with friends (and without having to make an appointment)
  • thrift shopping with pals
  • unplanned saturdays
  • free time

people i miss

stuff i am really grateful for

  • walking to work every day
  • yoga
  • dinners with my sister
  • knitting and artsy-craftsy projects
  • fall colors
  • friends in blogland (and in reality)

a typical dinner with my sis

current projects

recent yarn stash enhancement

the recent sock yarn purchases, clashing happily

some things i have learned more about recently

  • short rows
  • global climate change
  • probability
  • the ethics of relationships
  • mortgages

things my cat has wiped her butt on recently

  • the bathroom floor
  • my camping chair
  • the loopy bath mat


  1. I love your lists.

    The Nantahala National Forest, as long a drive as it is, can be a salve upon your soul. Glad you breathed the fresh air.

  2. I think that class is really starting to take it's toll. It will be over soon. Hang in there.

    I love the lists and the pic of you drinking straight from the bottle.

  3. i love your lists
    i miss you too!!!
    and eww
    for poo
    on loopy
    bath matts.
    i will visit soon!

  4. It sucks to be mopey. I've recently been there myself. Love the lists though. And the new yarns. Even clashing their indivual beauty shines thruogh. And I have to say, as much as I will miss the Bug, But wiping on the floor and rugs will not be missed. Neither will hair balls.

  5. If you need to do some afternoon coffee or some thrift shopping, drop me a line chicky!

    And I don't know why, but whenever I see your blog name I always think "French Pea," and imagine a gourmet peapod. Hehe. ;^)

  6. I was ooing and awwwinngn at all your lists until I saw the last one... YUCKIEEE! bad kittie!

  7. Dear Fawn,

    I spent the weekend with my sis and feel revitalized myself from the experience.

    You need a cuddly baby.

    I promise to be the most ass-kicking business powerhouse who calls on your probability skills frequently, and perhaps one day you will feel grateful for this as well.

  8. What the Hell? The cat wipes his butt where? Smile. Great to see someone being very rational about things. I could stand to learn a thing or 3 from you. Smile.

    I'm sure that it'll get better. Keep smilin' and knittin'.

  9. where are
    my lists
    for the rest
    of the week.
    i need


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