Thursday, February 15, 2007

sleeve break

Since my mom's birthday is coming up, I took the opportunity to get a little break from that annoying sleeve I was knitting to make some socks. Here is my progress on the first one:


Now when I saw this yarn on the ball, I had no idea how much I would love it once I knit it up. LOVE IT. The cool/warm fall color bands - be still my beating heart! I can't give these to my mother - she'd appreciate the socks but wear them in spite of the color palette. Whereas I would wear them every single day until they became tatty bits of yarn hanging from my ankles, because they match everything I own! Well, okay, they'd match everything that isn't black and red, which is about half my closet - so really, they'd match half my wardrobe, but the good half!

As my sister said, we can get mom some flowers. These socks are for me.

I was planning to take the annoying sleeve (sleeve 2 of Pullover Flair) to a meeting I need to attend this weekend, but you know, I could totally finish up the socks if I brought them, and socks are so much more meeting-friendly.

I hope I get this sweater done before summer gets here.

P.S. Did you get a sneak-peek at Sauniell-the-cover-girl's designs??? That woman is so talented, I don't feel worthy to sit in the same little metal chairs as her at Stitch & Bitch. I keep hoping some of the talent will rub off on me...


  1. Yummy socks. I heart socks. mmmmmmmm

  2. LOL! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that reconsiders gift giving knit items. Some things are just to good to give away.

    Guess who finally has time to come to SnB on Wednesday!?! Do you think you'll make it this week?

  3. i heart your socks
    (hint hint)
    and am glad
    you are keeping
    them all for yourself.
    you underestimate
    how talented
    you are!!!
    i am hoping it
    runs off on me
    but i don't get to
    sit next to you much...
    guess i'll have
    to sit in your lap
    the whole time
    your visit.

  4. those socks are *beautiful*! are they trekking yarn? love those colors...

  5. that IS a pretty sock! i don't blame you one bit keeping them for yourself :)
    my mom claimed my most recent trekking socks as hers ... but she's not getting them. i'm going to knit her a different colorway ... for the same reasons you're keeping those fall colored socks.
    in the colder months, i wear handknit socks almost every single day. mom would not wear the socks until they were yarn tatters around her ankles.

  6. These socks are great. Too bad you didn't get to knit a little more on your trip--the color really is amazing!


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