Monday, August 13, 2007

tag, you're it

I have a question for all you gift-knitters out there: do you make hang tags for your knitted lovelies? Sometimes I feel like a dork making up the hang tag, but I am driven by a nagging fear of lovingly-made handknits tossed into the dryer or worse, washed with Tide!

So I dutifully make up hang-tags with care instructions. I have an 'f.pea' rubber stamp that I got made up at the local print shop for about $15, and I use that to mass-produce little tags on scraps of cardstock from here and there (the recycling bins at work and the print shop are my favorite sources).


On the info side, I name the garment (so that the recipient will remember which sweater goes with which tag), list the fibers, and write in care instructions.


Some yarns, like my beloved Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton (love you!) come with their own hang tags. In this case, I'll sometimes tie the manufacturer's tag on along with my own... you know, for the added laundry-related authority. Don't believe me that you shouldn't put this thing in the dryer? Well, don't take my word for it - just ask Blue Sky Alpacas!

I don't really talk to my friends this way, you know. Only in my imagination, and only while inhaling Sharpie fumes and writing out hang-tags.

So I'm curious... what kinds of tags do you make?

And coming later this week... the latest installment in the ongoing saga of Felted Animals that You Didn't Imagine You Might Want to Knit, But They're Kind of Cute So What the Heck? I knitted another critter. It's cuter than you might think... cuter than I would have thought, anyway, and it's almost ready for showtime.


  1. i am quite the lazy knitter, and the selfish knitter ... thus, i've never made hang tags! i have gifted some lovely things, but as i hand them over, i have this crazed roadkill look on my face and i murmur ... be extra careful with this! i you're not, i will take it away ... !
    okay, i don't. but i mostly gift socks, and i make sure to use a proper socken yarn ... something that would survive tide.
    but, should i use hang tags, i will copy you and get a nifty stamp made!

  2. I make tags too, with the care instructions and a cute sheepy stamp. I'll try to rustle up a picture for you this week. :)

  3. What a special touch. So far I've only given felted bags but a tag would make the gift really special.

  4. What an interesting question. You would think I would make tags for my knitted gifts, seeing as I'm way into packaging and gift wrapping, and card making, but I don't usually attach a tag to the item. Curious! I think I will make it a point to do so from now on! :)

  5. Usually I just print out a quickie tag from word, but this year I want to put this quote on it from The Office:

    "Michael Scott: So Phyllis is basically saying “Hey Michael, I know you did a lot to help the office this year, but I only care about you a homemade oven mitt’s-worth”. I gave Ryan an iPod!"

    (BTW - If you've never watched the Office, Michael Scott is a lovable idiot.)

  6. What a great stamp you had made! I usually attach a handmade paper tag with the fiber content and washing instructions. If it's something narrow like socks or armwarmers I make a fancy label on the computer and wrap it around the item.
    Can't wait to see the newest felted creature - I'm still hoping to knit George the octopus!

  7. A few days ago, NotMartha had a great idea for some fun tags made with shrinky dinks. You can check it out here:

    This would be a great way to present knitted items with washing instructions. Instead of a giant sun, use a giant sock.

  8. I print a tag that has a little sheep on it, and attach it. On the back I print the washing instructions and whatever else needs to be said. :O) I tie the tags with black embroidery floss. I'll try to send a photo. samm

  9. i make hand-stamped tags too... partly for the reasons you stated (time spent knitting= paranoia over it being tossed in the dryer) and partly because if someone gave me a gift and i didn't know how to wash it, i would always be scared to wear it.

    it's cute that you got your own logo turned into a stamp, though... i used to use a little buddha stamp (he's skeining yarn) until my mom pointed out his "Man Boobs". niiiiiiiiiiiice..... i haven't looked at him the same way since!

  10. I love the idea of tags -- crazy thing is, however, I never thought of putting the care instructions on mine. Ha! Good idea! :-) I want to come up with something that is mine and consistent and will do so in time. Meanwhile, people will get my 'sort of' tags, this time with care instructions.

  11. I loved your tag when you sent me my secret pal socks. I even looked for tutorials on line on how to make my own.

    However, I have never gotten around to making them.

    I just tell my recipients DO NOT THROW THIS IN THE WASH! and they (hopefully) don't.

  12. I LOVE your tags and the graphic - and that you raid the recycle bins for them! It's perfect, simple and sweet! I'm in process of developing a graphic for my designs that I'd like to use for tags, bus. cards, the website, etc - and am investigating green printing options and the possibility of printing them myself. Do you mind if I ask where you had your stamp done? I'm local and I'd love to get something here rather than going online if I could.

  13. i have never done tags for my knitted items before, but now i feel that i must... so cute and informative! :) and i shudder to think about the hand-wash things going into the machine, though i do give lots of threats and strong language at the time of giving.


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