Wednesday, February 27, 2008

obama t-shirt making rally!

[updated 3.12.08]

i can't tell you how much fun this logo was to make. i [heart] elmer's glue!

I know y'all love to make stuff for yourselves, as I do, so I thought it might be fun to have a little challenge. Who wants to get on board with an Obama t-shirt making rally??? This is a chance to get creative, get recycling, and to show your support for Barack Obama in 2008!

Want to do it? I know you do! And I really want to see everyone's amazing designs!


- Entry fee: Make a donation in any amount to the Obama campaign (this is optional, but strongly encouraged because hey, we're trying to get this guy elected, right?)
- Sign up for the Crafters4Obama group - instructions below.
- Make your own Obama T-shirt.
- Thrifted, hand-made or repurposed T-shirts only -- no buying anything new for this challenge.
- Make your own design.
- Hand-decorate your own shirt, using whatever craft medium suits you, from screenprinting to crochet to bedazzling to embroidery.
- Rally winners will be announced on May 6 (the North Carolina & Indiana primaries).

The crafty prizes so far include:
a sixer of Obamabrew homebrew from Beersipper!
a Lomester Democrat
an f.pea sock monster
...and a mystery prize from India*Romeo
Thanks prize-makers! Additional prizes are now being accepted... please let me know if you'd like to contribute a hot crafty prize!

How to sign up:

Send an email to me: f.pea[at]airpost[dot]net
In the subject line, write "Crafters4Obama"

In the body of the email, write:
YOUR NAME (the one you use on the internets)
YOUR FLICKR ID (If you have one)
YOUR BLOG NAME & ADDRESS (if you have one)
THE DATE OF YOUR DONATION TO THE CAMPAIGN (will be kept confidential. You're on your honor, and if you've already donated, I'll count that).

The only info I will publish from this list is your name & blog address in the list of participants.

Once I get your info, I'll invite you to the Flickr group (you can also just go join it yourself!). There you can post pictures of your designs -- make as many as you want! Some impartial celebrity judges will sift through the Flickr pics to choose a winner for the T-shirt rally.

If you don't use Flickr, include that in your sign-up email and I'll send you instructions for submitting your photo directly to me to post on your behalf.

If you donate your entry fee via the Crafters for Obama group on the campaign website, we'll be able to track how much money we raise!

Okay crafters, start your glue guns....

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
participant list so far:
Kate A
Kate Digs
Tracey W


  1. i am excited to participate and make FOLK ART which will reflect this amazing time in HISTORY. i encourage everyone who puts their hearts into crafts, from the silly to the extraordinary, to make something for obama '08. you can pass it on to your grandkids, and tell them what you were doing when everything changed.

  2. i love it! i am in but i'm too slow for contests :)
    the banner looks fabulous too!

  3. Hey, this sounds great! I think I'll be joining you....
    If any of you are knitters, I've posted two free Obama hat patterns on my blog, knitcircus on
    Can't wait to see what people come up with for cool t-shirts!

  4. SWEET!! what an awesome fun project. can't wait to see what everyone makes!!

  5. FYI I have two blogs, my "mamablog" (which has been predominantly Obama stuff lately but may switch at any time) is and my Obama-only blog is

  6. I would really like to participate but I am not sure if I am artsy enough. But I totally love your Crafters 4 Obama button! Sew cool! Can I steal your button even if I don't join the crafters for Obama flickr group? I promise to link back to your blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog, even though I don't knit. That's ok, I like to sew and that's in the same group. Keep up the enthusiasm for Obama, yeah!

  7. Thanks for posting this, was exactly what I was looking for, thanks.


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