Monday, March 03, 2008

crafty time

Thanks to all of you who have signed up for the Obama T-shirt making rally! There's still plenty of time to sign up if you want to get in on the crafty action and win some prizes!

rally participants thus far:
Kate Digs

You can also join the Crafters4Obama Flickr group without doing the T-shirt rally, and share whatever you're making. There are already some amazing campaign-inspired crafts in the photo pool. I'm in love with this and this. And check out this beautiful "Key to Change" bag from Stitch Poet. *swoon!* Kate's right -- I think all these things will be historical folk art one day in the not-too-distant future.

On Saturday we had a crafty day at our house. Kate and Ileana came over. Ileana was making subversive cross-stitch, and Kate was making her rad Obama T-shirt. She also started an embroidery project which is going to be incredible. I won't spoil any surprises, though. All in all, it was a lovely afternoon of fun with two very creative ladies, capped off later with greasy Mexican food. yum.

I made another recycled plastic bag. This one's a prize for someone who not only needs a Pay it Forward gift, but is also a rabid Obama fan:

O HOPE 08 recycled bag 1
carry your groceries with HOPE in 08

Here's what I learned about using the iron to fuse plastic bags: Thicker, department store-type bags lay nice and flat and keep their shape fairly well when you fuse them together. Flimsy grocery bags fuse well too, and make a nice strong finished product, but they shrink unpredictably and you wind up with a weird, warped funky shape when you're done fusing. So I'm not going to use them again (if I ever get the urge to fuse plastic bags again, which honestly may not happen, at least not for a long time). Although I really like the finished product, I dislike plastic too inherently to really enjoy these projects all that much.

On Saturday I also started a T-shirt, but bedazzling and sequins are rather time-consuming, so I think it will be a little while before it's done and I can share a picture. I'm very excited about it, though. It's going to be the blingiest thing I own for sure, except for the name-necklace my parents gave me for 8th grade graduation, which I have never worn and for which my mom still chides me occasionally ("I don't understand why you won't wear that beautiful necklace," etc). I just can't bring myself to wear it, even ironically.

And one last thing: I must say about the Bedazzler, it's a pain in the a$$, but I LOVE IT. There are many more sparkly crafts in my near future. Can you imagine blingy sock monsters???? I sure can. Maybe I should start making sparkly name-necklaces for the sock monsters? Hm... something to ponder.


  1. Okay- Love the link to the knit key to change bag! I also adore your target/hope bag- I think you should make some to sell for those of us too lazy to get out the iron and sewing machine! Hint Hint!!

  2. Just finished my screenprint template for the Obama T!!! I'm pretty damn excited!

  3. Count me in! I'm taking a break from making calls to Ohio tonight! Gobama!

  4. ooh, a crafty night with the ladies sounds like so much fun...

    and i LOVE your bedazzled sock monster idea!

    i can't wait to start on my shirts. i am making a list of slogans i want to use... just have to get some time to myself!

  5. uhoh... step away from the bedazzler! kidding! man, if this lil ol town I live in wasn't so rabidly republican, and I wasn't the editor of the paper, I too would sing my love for obama from the top of the mountian, if it wasn't compeletly flat in the midwest... saving a AWESOME photo for the day he wins president...

  6. yes yes yes! sparkly name necklaces for the sock monsters would be awesome :) xox

  7. I love my Obama Hope bag! It's beeeutiful.

  8. oh my goodness! you will be my personal goddess if you bedazzle a socken monster!!!


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