Saturday, January 21, 2006

free to bitch

The harassment madness continues.

When we last left our crusading knitters, they were frantically calling their pro-bono lawyers and spending hours on dial-up connections to prevent their listservs and websites from being deleted by the Evil Seamstress Overlords in New York City due to baseless claims of "copyright infringment."

The plot thickens.

The same Marketing Toady who thought harassing Stitchnbitchers all over the US would corner the knitting market for her Evil Seamstress Overlord employers has set up rival forums for Stitch & Bitch groups on the Evil Seamstress Overlord website. Yesterday, calling themselves Stitch & Bitch on Yahoo was copyright infringement. Today, callling themselves Stitch & Bitch on Evil Seamstress Overlord website would be.... most welcome! Come on in! Bring your credit cards! Have you seen our new Stitch & Bitch branded items for sale??? (BOYCOTT, people! BOYCOTT!)

Marketing Toady herself has graciously posted a welcome message for each and every Stitch & Bitch group she complained about to Yahoo, asking, "Anybody interested in meeting up?"

And when existing Stitch & Bitchers reply with posts such as, "Helloooo, didn't you send us a cease and desist order just last week!?!" what do you imagine happens to them? Several of them had their comments deleted & were banned from the forums (according to personal testimony from several Stitch & Bitch group leaders. My comment hasn't been deleted yet - I can only assume that Ms. Toady goes home early on Fridays).

The good news is, outraged Stitch & Bitchers can at least wear their sentiments on their sleeves (or coffee mugs, or thongs...) because some enterprising knitters set up a Free to Stitch / Free to Bitch shop on Cafepress to build up a war chest. Look out, Evil Seamstress Overlords - the knitters are angry. Very angry. And they have pointy sticks.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on their new "groups" through their forum. They shut down my yahoo group yesterday. Punks.


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