Thursday, January 12, 2006


Well, it's been a week - let's take a quick peek at which of my New Year's resolutions have already bitten the dust:

  • Go to yoga at least once a week. Hm... I don't think I've been to yoga since writing the list, so... I'd call that one officially violated.

  • Wear something I knit once in a while. What qualifies as "once in a while"? I really am knitting a scarf for myself right now... it's just that the ultra-discounted $1 a ball yarn isn't knitting up so hot... it kind of looks like a muppet in distress. I swear I'll wear it at least once. Okay, still valid.

  • Practice violin at least three times per week. This one is so violated.

  • Here's the one I'm really abusing: Eschew plastic. This should be so easy! I hate plastic! And yet... I have already broken this one so many times I can't even say. Well, at least I haven't bought any plastic knitting needles (as if!)

  • Buy less crap. This one I really have been sticking to all week. Of course, it hasn't been that hard since I spent all my discretionary cash + some more for this pay cycle on repairs to the car, so it's not like I've really had the option.
As for the other "in process" resolutions, well, I guess they're coming along. We'll have to wait til December 31 to get a final reckoning on those. So, final tally: 3 out of 9 resolutions have already been infracted upon. Hey - that means 70% are still in play! All right!

Maybe I should go buy some crap to celebrate...

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