Monday, January 23, 2006

horror, magic and bandwagons

Here's the horror-inducing picture I promised: the wallpaper in our dining room. Miss Bugheart is right, it clashes with everything in my house - even the cats.

aaaaahhhhhh! i hope there are no small children reading today.

So you can probably see why I'd give my left big toe to take this stuff down. I swear, my portable compact steamer has nothing to do with the way it's peeling off the wall. I swear!

I had a great weekend knitting myself some socks with the Magic Loop technique (dreamy!) and scheming with fellow stitchnbitchers about evil things to do to Sew Crass/Sew Sleazy. Next I must learn this two-at-a-time sock thing. One set of directions I have is for two-at-a-time, toe-up. I don't think I want to do toe-up. I like ankle-down (or calf-down, as the case may be) and I'm afraid that if I reverse them then the water will start spiraling the wrong way down the sink and I'll have to move to Australia (which is what I said I was going to do after the 2004 elections anyway).

So... I've given a lot of thought to the knitting olympics... it was a struggle mainly over whether I really wanted to rush through a challenging project in just 16 days. Why F*** up a good project by rushing? And then JenLa persuaded me further with this great button:

really makes you want to warm the bench, doesn't it?? if i could just find that hat...

Despite the fact that the alternative is a hideous red, white & blue Team USA button, I think I can't reist the challenge. Plus I just can't help jumping on the bandwagon.

So I've chosen a kid's sweater, Wendy's Girlfriend Swing Coat Sweater, to which I'm going to add some openwork on the sleeves and bottom hemline. Not impossible, but a real challenge for a somewhat pokey ADD-knitter and perfectionist like me to knock out in 16 days. Better start gauge-swatching! The casting-on ceremonies are only twelve days away!


  1. Howdy, neighbor! I just thought I'd stop by as we are next to each other on the blogring! Hooray for the Knitting Olympics!

  2. I'm resisting the challenge, or, actually, substituting media. My challenge? Get three paintings done that have been on my "to do" list for tooo long. This means, even, putting down that sweater. And with only one sleeve left to go, too! Clearly, I am not a properly devoted knitter. That, or I have a serious case of ADD...Good luck on your Olympic Bid!

  3. Knitting Olympics, *sigh*...
    I will do anything to procrastinate
    but I am already backed-up on all my knitting...
    that wallpaper looks like a scap
    just waiting to be picked.

  4. Awww...and here I thought you'd join me on the bench (watching the Knitting Olympics) so that you could tell me all the great plans you guys came up with for a certain unnamed NY sewing company.

    Move to Australia after the last election! LOL!! Damn! Why didn't I think of that??? (at least he has daughters - there aren't any more georges running around!)

  5. Hi Ms. Pea from the blog next door. I'm competing in the Knitting Olympics too! Good Luck!


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