Tuesday, January 03, 2006

improve brain function

Um... still no resolutions here. How bout you? Everyone else seems much more on the stick than I am in this regard.

Rustle the Leaf
has a new year's resolution.

Crazy Aunt Purl has like 100 of them, because she is an over-acheiving super-resolver.

(Side note: Have you noticed how I am a tad bit obsessed with the Aunt Purl? I admit trying to hide it from you all, because it's perhaps a teeny bit stalker-ish, but every day I just can't wait to see what she's up to. It hasn't risen to the level of my cousin Essie's X-Files obsession - she gets depressed after finishing watching a season on DVD and thinks of Scully as one of her closest friends - but still, I think it's a bit pathetic when HWWLLB asks me how my day was and I tell him it was okay but I'm kind of sad because Aunt Purl was slobber-crying and ruminating about her ex, or that it was the greatest day ever because Aunt Purl posted step-by-step photo instructions on how to knit drop-stitch rows along with hilarious pictures of her cats. Okay, maybe I write about her as if she were my real friend who just happens to live faraway but calls every day to fill me in on everything she's doing, but to my mind, that's waaay healthier than Essie's Scully thing, because Aunt Purl is a real live person, whereas Scully is an entirely fictional character. Also, Aunt Purl doesn't do Calvin Klein ads, so I don't have pin-ups on my screensaver. I'd never do anything that obsessive. Sheesh!)

So... back to the resolutions. Ahem.

I think I want one of my resolutions to have something to do with the Washington Post Style Invitational, but I'm not sure yet how to work that one in. Maybe under improve brain function? Or subscribe to real newspaper (as opposed to the glorified advertising circular we get now)? How about stop blog-stalking girl in L.A.? Or maybe just stop writing about it. I clearly have a ways to go here, people. And the truth is out there.


  1. You have to notice that I've said not one word about resolutions over on my blog. NOT. ONE. WORD. I highly recommend blowing off the holiday entirely. Of course, this is coming from someone who openly admits she's in a funk.

    As for Aunt Purl. Go ahead, obsess. It might not be healthy, but it certainly can't be fattening.

  2. A non-fattening obsession! Nice! Not like this is going to displace dark chocolate or beer... but maybe I can somehow chalk it up to improving my waistline??

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