Friday, January 27, 2006

get into happy feet

For those of you who might not yet be sock-knitting zealots, let me put it to you straight: sock knitting is about the most satisfying knitting project in the universe. Here's why:

  • Price. Even the most luxurious pair of socks is a relatively cheap project. On the low end, you've got my green self-striping socks here, made from KnitPicks Parade. Project total cost: $4.98. On the high end, maybe some breathtaking hand-painted merino action from Claudia Handpainted - you're spending about $22. Now, when you think about most of your knitting projects, even $22 seems pretty reasonable, dontcha think? (Try not to think about the fact that it's $22 for a pair of socks - think $22 for a great knitting project, and kabam! very reasonable).
  • Luxury. Who wouldn't be tickled by wearing a pair of perfectly-fitted socks, hand-knit with care from lovely natural fibers? Think about socks these days: even the cool looking ones are just lycra with Hello Kitty on them. The bad ones? Ugly white Hanes Their Way. A hand-knit sock is a rare luxury - and pretty dang snazzy-looking, too.
  • Portability. This is a tiny little project! Just stick it in your purse and whip it out whenever you have to wait in line at the Post Office or the DMV. You don't even have to remember to bring a project if you're going someplace like that. I know of some sock-knitting fools who keep a pair of socks-in-progress in their purse the way some people keep breath mints.
  • Sex! Well, not sex really, but... if you use the Magic Loop technique, then you get to use Addi masTurbos. And even if you're still with that sweet but frumpy bamboo, the DPN's shape themselves into a configuration that looks like some kind of wicked ninja weapon - very intimidating. Could be helpful at the DMV.
Friends, that's my weekend advice to you. Go spend 5 bucks and learn to knit some socks! You'll thank me for it, I promise.


  1. would you send me the pattern and the needles you bought for it...
    i was anti-sock but i may give it a try!

  2. I love knitting socks but I've never been able to explain it that well!

  3. did you see sockapaloooza?!?!?
    so sad i just found it!

  4. masTurbos!!! You are soooo funny! And yes, I'm one of those crazy women that doesn't go anywhere without my sock. I just don't feel right if I don't have it with me.

  5. You make a wonderful case for knitting socks. (i never thought about the price thing before!) :-)

  6. I agree with you. I've gone sock crazy. In fact, that's what prompted me to learn to knit.

  7. I went through a "sock phase" that still has me spoiled; I feel it coming on again. Especially after seeing yours. I'm LOVING the colors.

    I also have large toe knuckles and dont like the seam commercial socks have across them.

    $22 isn't a lot in the scheme of things for a pair of lovely, well-fitted socks. In NYC, that's two drinks. The socks last way longer.

    I found your blog through Latoya, and am enjoying it. I'm also a Sagittarius, btw. :) See you soon.


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