Wednesday, March 22, 2006

50 minutes

The conference call I'm supposed to be on from 12 - 1 PM seems to have been scuttled due to technical difficulties. So what do I do with the next 50 minutes? Multiple choice response:

a) Head downstairs to join in on the fun at our building's first-ever Tenants Luncheon, which features free food and nice people.

b) Get back to work.

c) Call it a lunch break and surf the web for 50 minutes.

d) Sit here in my office with the door shut and the iTunes on, pretending the conference call is still happening, and knit until 1 PM.

=== timely update (Thursday morning) ===

The technical glitch was overcome & the conference call reinstated, but I sure do appreciate y'all's votes and suggestions. I got the heel turned on the sock I brought along to work, thanks to the wonders of hands-free telephone technology. I would probably have embarked on a blend of b, c and d... too guilty to stop working altogether, too free to not knit or web surf at all. Option a? Sorry, I'm an introvert. No parties with nice people if I can reasonably hide in my office!


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