Monday, March 13, 2006

sunshine is a tonic

This was not a weekend for sitting in front of a computer! Glorious, sunshiney springtime has arrived here in the Kackalack (with sympathetic apologies to those from northerly venues), and not a minute too soon. Actually, with highs in the low 80's, it felt a bit more like summer for much of this weekend, but it didn't look like anyone let that spoil their fun.

We did a lot of stuff like take walks and work in the yard, but all I really wanted to do was get crafty! My creative juices are flowing again after months of the grey-skies doldrums. For a long time now, I haven't really felt like doing much of anything creative, and have just retreated to the couch to knit one pair of socks after the next (not that there's anything wrong with socks...). The sunshine seems to have worked some magic on me.

Saturday morning I went to the flea market to look for some junk jewelry. I promised to donate a necklace to an upcoming silent auction, and my stash of stuff to recycle was pretty low. I found a great old cloisonne pendant, some snazzy costume jewelry and a whole lot of great buttons (in the picture above). Then when I got home, a package was waiting in the mailbox. New yarn!

I'm planning to make myself a vintage-styled shell, and ordered some low-budget yarn. I have to say, this big direct-from-the-mill-prices company may be evil (are they evil?), but I like their cheap good yarn. This stuff is a blend of pima cotton and something called "modal," which is probably made by destroying the rain forests, but it's very silky, knits up with a lovely drape, and doesn't split. The shell is coming along nicely (sorry no pictures yet). It gave me the courage I needed to rip out the doomed cardigan.

Now it's nothing but a couple of balls of yarn again.

Sunday I dragged out all my beading supplies onto the back porch and made the necklace. I like how it came out, and if someone can tell me the correct name for this style (when one end pulls through a loop), I will be forever grateful. I keep wanting to say "bolo," but I know it's not a bolo.

What is it??

Well, whatever it is, it will be going to some lucky person who I hope will bid a lot on it, thereby helping to raise a ton of money for one of my favorite environmental organizations. I do need to come up with a good name for this thing, so please leave me your suggestions.

All in all, a lovely crafty weekend. I hope there are many more of them in our futures, friends. The world needs more crafts.


  1. oooh it's lovely!
    the one i just bought here was called a "toggle necklace"
    but i don't think that's the word for which you were looking.
    by the way, i like
    all monchromatic bead necklaces in pinks, blues, or greens.
    and my birthday is in june.

  2. Beautiful necklace! I don't know what it's called, though. Glad you had a great, creative weekend.

  3. Are you thinking bolero or lariat? I really don't know these things, either.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful weekend... relaxing and crafty, all rolled into two glorious days complimented by fantastic weather! And I love the 'what is it'... very interesting!

  5. Here's a suggestion: Year of Red Rain?
    Its nice.
    Craft on!

  6. Forgot to ask: where did you order the yarn from?

    Knit on!


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