Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Say hello to Olga. She's the new sock monster on the block. This is the only picture she would sit still for.

Olga is a ski bunny. I made her out of a couple of orphaned socks from my sock drawer. You'll notice she has a rather unsightly birth mark on her snout (probably as a result of the heel that was stuck inside her head in a past life). HWWLLB thinks her eyes should be closer together, but I'm not sure - I kind of like them wide-set. My favorite part is the buck teeth.

She is a tough little sucker. Here she is chasing Simon away from the back door.

move it, cat!

She just wouldn't hold still - she stuck her face in the camera (trying to look tough I think), before hopping away. If you live in Raleigh, watch out - Olga is on the loose.

don't call me cute, sucka!

Oh, not cute at all. She's really sort of disturbing. Now for cute, I have to show you the prizes that Bugheart sent me along with the Chococat bag that I won last week on the Great Monday Giveaway. Lookee! A paperclip-holding mushroom guy from loloko (sorry I can't remember the source right now - I will update later), and a wonderful-smelling lavender sachet from Turkey Feathers. Joy!

a ladybug clip on top to hold... i don't know what. mash notes? grocery lists?

your paperclips, miss.

sweet-smelling scrap sachet!

By the way, Debbie Stoller was in town yesterday promoting the Happy Hooker. I missed her reading at Quail Ridge Books (damned work), though I swung through at the end to say hi. NC Public Radio did a great interview with her and a couple of knitters yesterday (though I have to say they were a bit long on cute patterns and short on politics for my taste, but that's just me). You can listen online here.


  1. i like olga! i just picked up my reserved copy of the sock creatures book at cameron village library today. i don't think i have any sock orphans to play with, but i'm sure i have some socks that are ready to pass on to their next life! i hope to see her around :) (i especially love the blurry chasing kitty photo)

  2. I like Olga. She's a tough cookie - I mean sock. Smile. Great idea to do something with those old socks. I have some that need to be darned and I'll be darned I don't feel like doing them.
    Great creativity!
    Knit on!

  3. the mushroom paper clip thingie
    is from loloko.

    olga is very cool...
    very cool and very scary.
    i am glad she is in raleigh
    because i think she has some 'tude
    and would kick my butt.

  4. I like Olga. I was going to say she's cute but I guess she's a meanie instead. And even though I just said I wasn't into making toys, I think I want one.

  5. I like Olga...oh! I mean, I'm kinda afraid of her - she looks scary! :-)

    Ooooohh!! Send monsters to SoFastSoSleazy! Wouldn't they be scared (look at how scared they are of knitting groups!).

  6. [In my cutest cheerleader voice...because, you know I was a cheerleader once upon a time...] How cuuuuuuute!! I love me some Olga.

  7. As impressive as Olga may be, Simon is quite handsome, I must say.

  8. I love Olga! She is so ugly/cute! How did you make her? I like her eys wide set too.

  9. Is it me or does Olga look like the Domo-Kun's 1/2 blooded sister?

    See for yourself, is it the fact that it likes to torture cats ... or the eyes. Family always resemblances always go to the eyes.


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