Thursday, March 02, 2006

country-fried girlfriend

Y'all, I'm sorry I haven't been keeping in touch with you this week. Trust me, I didn't go anyplace exciting. This is pretty much the sum of it.

At the office: work. At home: more work.

Break time: tea and cookies.

Then, back to work. I am so fried.

I can't wait til Sunday, when I will lounge in bed all day with tea and yarn and cats and the vampire book, doing nothing productive whatsoever. It's going to be great. Unless the house painters show up.

Right, the house is being repainted. We found out last Saturday morning around 8 am, while in bed, zonked out unconscious delicious sleeping resting, when there came a knock at the door. We ignored it.

Then footsteps along the side of the house. Maybe a thief. Who cares - go back to sleep. Then, a few minutes later, CLANK. A ladder at the bedroom window, and someone climbing past. Then, scrape scrape scrape on the side of the house.

Let me just say, I am not really very cheerful in the morning. I do not like to be awakened suddenly. Just ask HWWLLB - he has scars to tell the stories of untimely awakenings. So I went outside and met the painter - Lozario. Nice guy. He told me that my landlady had left us a message the night before that he was coming. So I went inside and checked the voice mail. Yes, in fact, she had called Friday night while we were having dinner with some friends, to say that someone was coming by in the morning to scrape the house. Thanks for the advance notice.

Y'all remember Flakette, right? This is the same landlady whose cat we have inherited, and who was AWOL for about five or six months. She's back with a vengeance.

I'm not going to repeat the whole conversation I had with her here, because I can't say my attitude was particularly, well, flattering, to me. She's not so good at reading people, Flakette isn't. After our little chat about the painting, she mentioned to me that she thought we ought to rake some and clean out the gutters. And now I'm really not typing any more of this unlovely story. I think that in future when she calls, she'll be asking to speak with HWWLLB - he's so much more pleasant with nutcases than I am.

So you still need something to read? Go check out Billie's new blog - Hum Buzz Whir! It's great, and she's in a much more pleasant mood than I am!


  1. Hey, do your plans for Sunday include, perhaps, a little blocking time and wine?? Would the prospect of seeing a really cool brioche-in-the round project entice you? If not, I understand. Landladies and evil work can do that to you.

    Ok, so I totally should have emailed you this ;-)

  2. I love your pottery ... such a nice way to have an afternoon snack. And the cookies look yummy too!

  3. i so sorry you are so busy.
    tea breaks are very important.
    i just got one of those fancy electric kettles for my lab.
    i can have real tea every morning and afternoon.
    so nice.
    look forward to seeing you soon.

  4. Hope your weekend ends up being better than the week was. Maybe the painters won't show up this weekend?? :-)


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