Tuesday, September 05, 2006

unpleasant guts

Have you heard enough yet of me ranting about how much better knitting all-in-one-piece from the top-down is? You haven't? Maybe you should just read back through some previous posts... and don't forget this one... and this one. So I'm obsessed. Big deal!

Okay, so case in point. Here we have a cute little baby bolero sweater, all finished up and ready to go. Hm... raglan sleeves... cardigan... hey, this ought to be knit top-down, right? Well, in theory, yes. But I bought the pattern (buying a pattern - my first mistake) that came with the yarn, which called for knitting up all the itty-bitty pieces of the sweater and sewing them together. Can we say tedious?? The dang sweater took me longer to sew up than to knit. And then there are all the ugly interior seams:


I like the guts of a knitted item to look just as good (or maybe half as good) as the outside. I hate sloppy-looking insides. All these ugly seams and yarn ends everywhere are just so very unnecessary.

Last night I finally got started knitting the top-down transformation of this pattern. I'm going to change things a little bit - hopefully just enough to justify posting it for you, because this really ought to be easy to knit, it was just the hideous instructions getting in the way.

By the way, if you're looking around for just the right pattern to make someone special a fabulous Christmas gift, look no further than the Flying Spaghetti Monster hat pattern. A true original for the Alternative Creation Theory enthusiast in your life.

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  1. i look forward to seeing version 2 of the little baby sweater. i do think version 1 looks great to begin with!
    thanks for the link for the spaghetti monster hat :)
    of course, i think i need one ....

  2. A baby bolero? I have never heard of anything so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness, I am currently knitting this same sweater and am getting really frustrated with all the separate parts and the thought of sewing it all together. Aargh! But I've just got the rest of one side and then the sleeves to do, so I think I'll go ahead and finish. If you come up with a seamless conversion, I'd love to see it (and find out how you did it!)

  4. I love the sweater and totally agree with the top down method you mentioned. The less seams the better! Have you re-worked the pattern, and can you share it?

  5. Oh gosh, I never did. Sorry for the unfulfilled promises!!


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