Thursday, January 19, 2006

go team!

Should I sign up for the 2006 Knitting Olympics?? Stephanie of Yarn Harlot has announced the games, to commence with the opening of the 2006 Winter Olympics and end when the Olympic flame is extinguished 16 days later, at which time participants' "challenging" projects must be complete.

I could use the motivation, after taxing my little fingers so strenuously for Xmas gift completion and the Stitch & Bitch fashion show. Then again, considering that it took me most of last year to make my mom's cardigan, the 16-day window probably is a bit narrow for me and my ADD knitting... I'm gladly accepting advice on this one.

On the home front... check out Jackie! She's part of the family! She is paling around with Simon, meeting us at the front door when we get home from work, meowing maniacally for food, purring, and in real need of a weight management plan! We are so proud of our little wastrel. She hardly looks like the same feral cat who came crawling home three months ago, and wore a kitty sock made of Cascade Fixation on her little mangled leg while it healed. I'm getting all misty...

The reason I'm posting this now is that out of the blue, our AWOL landlady Flakette, erstwhile owner of Jackie, has resurfaced, living just ten miles away! What the...? Um, what happened to your life in New England? Why didn't you tell us you were moving and give us your new phone number? Where the hell have you been the last four months??!!?? All these and other questions remain to be answered, but she is alive and well and doesn't want us to rip down the peeling wallpaper in the dining room, though we are desperate. I'll spackle! I'll paint! I'll take over the care of your beloved pet cat! Just please PLEASE let me take down this hideous wallpaper!

(I do realize that I must now post a picture of said wallpaper. You may gag - consider yourself warned.)


  1. How in the world did you track down the elusive landlady. Did the threat of peeling wallpaper bring her out of hiding. And yes, we must see the wallpaper now.

  2. Okay I don't have a photo of the wallpaper yet. That's the darkest room in my house, so I need to be there mid-day to get a good snark-worthy shot of this crap.

    And I don't know what did it - maybe the guilt of living 10 miles away for 4 months without ever calling...? I think she wanted to come over and rearrange the flower beds and figured she ought to call first.

  3. Glad to hear she's alive. 10 miles away, huh? Where were you sending her rent money? Did you tell her Jackie is now YOURS. ALL YOURS. ?

  4. One vote for the wallpaper to come down.
    It's really hideous and clashes with everything.
    But I would have had to take the window treatments
    down before the wallpaper...
    Why do windows need treating anyway?
    Can you say a burglar came in and stole the wallpaper?
    I can be said burglar...
    I do love big poofy victorian flower designs...
    love 'em!

  5. Wow... Jackie looks gorgeous. Being around all that yarn and hearing the soft clicking of the needles has obviously done her a world of good.


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